Huzzah! Gasoline fell from $3.39/gal to $3.38/gal in the six days after the strategic petroleum reserve release

DC Democrats Claim Victory Over Inflation With Temporary Two Cent Drop in Gasoline Prices – Their Emphasis Explains Why They Need Omicron.

17 Comments on Huzzah! Gasoline fell from $3.39/gal to $3.38/gal in the six days after the strategic petroleum reserve release

  1. 3.78 litres per 1 us gallon at $1.38 = $5.21 Cdn/US gallon equivalent.


    $1 us = $1.26 Canadian

    SO: $5.21 divided by 1.26 = $4.14

    Welcome to English Style Socialism, aka: ENGSOC

  2. Wow, I’m going to be putting some steaks on the BBQ every night for now on.
    We’re All in this together.
    No, no we’re not.

  3. When you combine that with the 16 cents that we saved on the 4th of July BBQ we’re talking about serious money.

  4. Well if you assholes would go out and buy a 70K Tesla you wouldn’t need to worry about gas prices. Get with the program people.
    I’m paying $5.00 for Diesel. And not happy

  5. No one EVER talks about the cost of Electricity the same way they do about filling a gas tank.

    It is a lot harder to quantify.

    If they did….

  6. I’m confident that if you plug your electric vehicle into your house, your electric bill will go up more the .02 cents per month

  7. Kcir

    AAAnd the stupid virtue signaling save the planet goofs are to stupid to realize we use fossil fuel to create most electricity.

  8. If there is any strategy behind what these damn Communists are doing it is to make everything so expensive that only the government can pay for it. Look at what they did with rent controls and rent payment. Now take that further with the price of fuel, electricity, propane, etc. down the road. You won’t own anything and you will be happy… cuz Uncle Sucker is footing the bills while soaking the rich to pay for it all! Yeah that’ll work…. until the rich get outa Dodge!

  9. Holy Crap…

    If I fill up my 16 gallon tank….I’ll save another .16¢

    Hot damn, it’s time to celebrate again…..

  10. Just in time for Christmas the Grinch in the White House is going to give us here in Arizona four dolla a gallon gasoline.

    Frickin’ ahole 🤬

    Anyone seen how the First Slut decorated for Christmas? 🤔 Total white trash.

    Forgive me Lord 🙏 I thought Odumbo was bad but they bring new meaning to the word vile.

  11. Kcir
    We are from the same hometown.
    My fishing boat has an electric motor and a gas powered one.
    Everyone knows electricity is free until you get the utilities bill at the end of 5 months in cottage country.

  12. Alexb

    I love how a few Years ago Rebel News showed how you can literally Shut the entire Main switch/Breaker off in Cottage country, stay away for 5 months & still get an $800 electric bill From Ontario because “it was available for use.”

  13. Out here where the saguaros grow, unleaded went from $3.69/gal to $3.89/gal after Sundowner released the oil.

    Yay to the new normal!…..fuckers


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