Hydroxychloroquine doctor sues CNN Anderson Cooper for $ 100 million

NationWorldNews: Stella Immanuel came into the spotlight in July 2020 when Trump tweeted a video in which she promotes the use of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine for COVID patients.

Immanuel on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit alleging that “in an attempt to slander, demonize and embarrass President Trump, he published a series of statements of fact about Dr. Immanuel that damaged her reputation.” and exposed her to public hatred, contempt, ridicule and financial injury. ”

The case alleges that hydroxychloroquine, which CNN described as “refuting”, is “completely effective” in treating COVID. Immanuel says CNN “effectively caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands whose lives would have been spared if they had been treated early with HCQ.” more

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  1. Dear Stella,

    Good for you, but be careful. Racists & Leftists do not like ethnic people who are educated, think for themselves, or speak up.

    God bless, and I hope Anderson looses some of the Vanderbilt money he pretends to distance himself from.

    PS. Turdeau has a pretty bad track record of keeping Black & Native people in their place as well.

  2. Anderson Cooper keeps his Weiner in a pooper cause he likes the way a pooper always smells.
    And his boyfriend likes it too! so you know just what they’ll do when they get the itch to ring each other’s bells!

  3. 100 million is chump change these days, should be a trillion then settle for 100 billion, let them think they got a deal.

  4. I was watching American Experience: Oklahoma City DVD last week and one aspect of Tim McVeigh’s mental state that they highlighted was that he was incensed about what he saw as the powers that be bullying of people that were doing nothing more than withdrawing from society at large.

    That got me to wondering how many others out there are patiently plotting the same sort of action. McVeigh most definitely was compelled by righteous indignation and was a man on a mission, hell bent on exacting revenge.

    In the intervening decades since the Oklahoma City bombing the deliberate, systematic, gratuitous and wanton marginalization of anyone the powers that be disagree with has become institutionalized. I fear that particularly with shutting down even the ability to consider alternative opinion or join the dialogue that it may be motivating others to lash out in a similar manner.

    The self righteous sense of having every right to destroy anyone they disagree with and to do so with a sense of moral superiority and with impunity is what “cancel culture” is in it’s essence. That impresses me as a tactic that is fraught with danger when a guy who is not particularly endowed with any outstanding level of knowledge or ability can pull off what McVeigh pulled off with just a couple accomplices and did it on a shoe string budget.

  5. donald trump said to inject bleach in your arms. Good thing we have President Biden to help the american public in their hour of need.

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