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  1. Bravo! absolutely Bravo! … absolutely genius … using their own words … suck it up, buttercup!

    this needs to be played on every airwave until an SC Justice is confirmed!

    Fill The Seat!!!

  2. It really is amazing how much Biden, Pelosi, Hildabeast have aged in 4 years.
    Joe with dementia, and the other 2 with hate & booze.

    Trump really fucked them up mentally.

  3. That was when Joe was lucid and not a pale face, time sucks.

    There is hypocrisy, we are all sinners, and then there is these controlling sanctimonious bastards that take it to another level!

    Best evidence of a hypocrite are their own words and actions.

  4. Now a young woman I know in the financial world needs a list of how Biden will screw us with taxes. Her co- workers don’t believe her.

  5. Oh yeah, worthy of being run every 60 minutes, on every TV/Radio network, everyday, until a new justice is confirmed.

    While I know I ought to resist the temptation, seeking a higher self standard. But I doubt I can resist allowing some schadenfreude watching leftest go berserk if/when a new justice to SCOTUS is confirmed quickly. Shumer and Pelosi are at the top of the list, but there are many others, at least a dirty dozen, maybe two. Something similar to the two blondes in their cars emotionally out of control will do, nicely.

  6. Not only will the democraps be hoisted on their own petard, it’s a lot like the Biblical story of Ruth (there’s Ruth again) where Haman builds a gallows to hang all the Jews on beginning with Mordecai Ruth’s uncle who helps Ruth to intercede for the Jewish people thru Haman and ultimately causes Haman to be hung on his own gallows that he had built to kill the Jews. Ruth was born for such a time as this just as I believe that President Trump was also born for a time as this. Thank God that God uses flawed people who seek after God’s heart to do his purposes and I believe that we are in a divinely inspired moment of Almighty God working his purposes in the hearts of this nation at this time in our history. The democraps are so smug thinking that they have won but they are about to be destroyed in a similar fashion to Haman and don’t even know it.

  7. And yet, even if I could get my lefty friends and customers to sit and watch the whole thing over and over – wouldn’t budge them an inch.

    I don’t think any truth or logic will make a difference as long as the lying media is pushing all this over the edge.

    Not unrelated:

    Checked on some prices last night and you can still get a bottom rung starter AR-15 for less than $1,000, even though some are asking almost $3000 for the exact same rifle. Mildly pleased, I am.

    Ammo has gone up considerably, though. 5.56 is up a lot.

    What I could get for $300 last fall is at least $800 now. 1000 rounds of 62gr green tip steel core.

    I may not be invested in Wall Street, but my in-stock’s value has risen considerably.

    I suggest holding on to this kind of stock right now and not selling or squandering.

    You’re the best, Claudia! 😉

  8. I’m sorry to be so dense but will someone remind me of the circumstances of Obumbles and why Garland wasn’t confirmed…..

  9. In Ginsburg’s OWN words as printed in the “vaunted” New Yawk Times:

    “That’s their job,” she said. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.”

    Shut Up you democRAT Buffoons!!

  10. This will be my only reply to tell me it’s the next presidents job to fill RGBs seat.
    Can’t wait for someone to say it!

  11. You’re right, I should’ve known that as my 2nd granddaughter is named Esther. My daughter named her that not only because her great grandmother was named Esther but because she always liked the story of Esther in the Bible. Sorry for the mistake.

  12. This is just s reversal of positions held by Rs and Ds in 2016. NO matter how you slice it, really, aren’t both sides being hypocritical? Obama nominated Garland for SCOTUS and the Senate refused to act. Their side said what is captured in the video above. Now our side is saying what the Ds said in 2016 while Ds are now using the 2016 R talking points against the vote for a new justice. A president is a president until his successor is sworn in. The Senate had a duty to vote on Garland in 2016 as they do in 2020. Obama was a failure, true. But, let’s be honest…we are making the same arguments now as the Ds made in 2016

  13. Well let’s stop to think about just that…
    This is really very simple.
    It is the President’s job to nominate a replacement.
    It is the Senate’s job to vote on it.
    No more, no less.
    The democrats are making it a huge issue because they don’t want to follow the Constitution and see the court tipped towards the Conservative side.
    Sorry guys, but the Constitution doesn’t specify what the balance is supposed to be. The Republicans simply want to move forward with the process. Except for Murkowski and Collins I don’t see them hyping the process. I don’t see the hypocrisy on our side of this.


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