Hypocritical Hillary: your pantsuits are made in Bangladesh

TheHill: On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton stood in front of a clothing display at American-made Knotty Ties in Colorado. The image was to portray the message that Trump ties can be made in America. “So, why does Donald Trump make his ties in China?” Clinton asked.

She failed to mention that this company, Knotty Ties, predominantly hires Muslim refugees, which effectively steals all those so-called jobs from Americans.

Clinton was wearing one of her pantsuits which range in price from $3000-$15,000, usually made by Armani, Ralph Lauren and Susanna Beverly Hills.

Don’t you find it hypocritical that Clinton stands in front of a Colorado tie company (full of refugee non-American workers) to point out that Donald Trump makes his ties in China and suits in Mexico.

While she wears clothing from designers who manufacture most of theirs in China, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka?  MORE

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  1. Actually, I find it unbelievable that one of those pantsuits sells for $15,000…..or even $3,000! I mean, they are nice, but come on!!!

  2. Steve Brown, it’s the Kevlar, the Corinthian leather and the custom secret compartments for the hooch, pills, blow and dildos. And most of all, the secret vacuum cuspidor.

    Those are artisanal pantsuits, veritable suits of armor befitting a knight, which you so casually belittle. For shame!

  3. Trump’s ties use less then a 1/4 yard of material and Hillary’s pantsuits use near 30 yards, plus they need a forklift to haul them around, therefore she creates more jobs. Then when Bhoolikah Bhoolikah is crushed under a pallet of her pantsuits, she creates even more jobs….She’s a giver….

  4. Trump’s ties are made in Mexico because American worker’s unions have been “community organized” to the hilt and beyond by their corrupt leaders where no employer wants to deal with them anymore.

  5. And yet, Trump, as a businessman, is only doing what is best FOR HIS COMPANY, to maximize profits for his shareholders and minimize costs to his customers. And why are Trump’s (and many other) businesses overseas? Because our government has seen fit, in its own inestimable wisdom (choke! gag!) to impose the world’s highest tax rates (approx 35%), and thousands of pages of bureaucratic-imposed, contradictory, non-legislative-passed rules and regulations.
    Given all of the above, this just shows how smart Trump really is, in having his businesses overseas.

  6. I would LOVE to wear clothes made in America. However, they’re extraordinarily difficult to find. Over the years close to 100% of our onshore clothing factories were shuttered in favor of cheaper offshore production.

    The last made-in-America garments I wore were the ones my mother made.

  7. The implication here is that we should punish Trump for making ties in Bangladesh or wherever by electing the candidate that will make trade deals that send even more jobs overseas, and that will open the borders for more low wage workers competing for the remaining jobs here.

  8. I hate our government and these hypocritical libs. Give our jobs to Muslims who hate us but what about the blacks? Oh keep them on welfare, in gangs and going to planned parenthood. But what about the mexicans? Oh keep them on welfare and working in the fields. But what about the white people? Oh fuck those racists. Let them cling to their guns and bibles.

  9. Given the analysis provided by Director Comey, Hillary mostly likely doesn’t know that there is a label in her tent, er, pant suit nor understands it when she does happen to find it buried in the many folds. Besides, what difference does it make if there is no intention!

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