Hyundai To Invest Billions To Build Electric Vehicles After Proposed Biden Incentives

ABC News

Hyundai plans to invest $7.4 billion in the U.S. by 2025 to make electronic vehicles, enhance production facilities and invest further in smart mobility solutions.

The decision seems like a no-brainer after review of the long list of possible incentives proposed by those running our federal government. These include tax credits, direct rebates, government built charging stations, government subsides to automakers to support production of electric vehicles, higher emissions standards, as well as direct purchase of electric vehicles by the federal government. Here

10 Comments on Hyundai To Invest Billions To Build Electric Vehicles After Proposed Biden Incentives

  1. Good luck selling these to all our new brown people.
    This ain’t no Hyundai, it’s a Chevrolet.

  2. Invest in this temporary trend at your own risk. You’ve just given me a solid reason not to buy your stock.

  3. If I were Hyundai I would hold on to the money for 3 3/4 years. Those new green wasteful incentives will be shriveled and dead on the vine when a real administration comes on board.

  4. Yeah, right, companies like Hyundai never invest their own money when the government is so generous with tax dollars!

  5. That is assuming they can get workers to assemble them. Which isn’t likely with Biden giving people cash to stay home.

  6. In Prain ENGRISH:

    You Do Not Have The Fucking Power, The Infrastructure, or The Market for a vehicle that requires you plan your trips according to Re-Charge locations and 40 minutes to charge at 80%.

  7. A better product doesn’t need any special incentives from the government to get people to buy it.

    As was demonstrated by the automobile replacing the horse a few years back, and all done without the government needing to encourage it with incentives.

  8. If the gov’t has to push an idea, you know that it’s contrary to the will of the citizens – for otherwise it wouldn’t need gov’t support!

    Extortion, corruption, and theft – those are the names of those games.

    Green Scam, High Speed Rail, Electric Cars, Amtrac, Globaloney Climate Change, You Name It.

    izlamo delenda est …

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