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I Agree, Bagpipes Are Tannoying

I had to look up Tannoy System. Turns out they are simply a brand of speakers.

A local British government was having a problem with homeless people sleeping in a bus station. So they decided to blast bagpipes through the “Tannoy System.”

What do you think happened?

I bet you thought that maybe the bagpipe music lulled them to sleep?

Nah. It worked. The bums can’t stand bagpipes either. They got out of there. Mainly because it isn’t music. It’s simply a sophisticated dog’s squeaky toy.

By the way. Here’s a bicyclist who rides a tandem so a guy can play the bagpipes while they get in the way of traffic.

I’m going for my gun permit later today.





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  1. Bagpipes have a time and a place. A huge contingent of bagpipers played at Chris Kyle’s funeral, and it was awesome. Most of the time, I don’t like them either, but this was an exception.

  2. I enjoy bagpipes. But then I am 1/2 Scottish.My grandpa used to play them. It is not an Independence Day Parade unless there is a bagpipe group.

    I will admit the guys in the pic look like they are on a tofu diet.

  3. what is the definition of perfect pitch?
    It is when you throw an accordion into a dumpster and it lands on a bagpipe.

    Actually I do enjoy bagpipe music. Playing Amazing Grace on one sends chills up my spine.

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