I am currently banned from Twitter while these a-holes calling for attacks upon ICE are not

yung seitan chorizo‏ @helofheaven if you see an ICE vehicle u better slash three tires

Tim‏ @tko8686 So we’re all in agreement now that if you see an ICE vehicle you have a moral obligation to torch it right?

So we’re all in agreement now that if you see an ICE vehicle you have a moral obligation to torch it right?

9VVYB‏ @9vvyb If you see an ICE vehicle. It would be a shame if their vehicles were mechanically damaged

 💥Mister Queericle  🔜 SDCC 💥‏ @PunkRokMomJeans Tip of the day: have a valve core removal tool for tires handy so if you see an ICE vehicle you can crack the core of the valve stem on their tires loose, put the cap back on, and let the air slowly drain out and they can’t figure out why oh no

Geoff Miller‏ @GeoffMiller Remember: if you see an ICE vehicle, don’t use a flathead screwdriver to open the hood and add sand or debris into the opening on the top of the engine compartment near the camshafts marked “engine oil” or any sort of petroleum product into the brake system.

cyber guy: online‏ @frobank if you see an ICE vehicle (and have a good, safe opportunity) slash its tires maybe’

whatzit tuuyah‏ @whatzittuuyahJun 19MoreIf you see an ICE worker, building, vehicle, anything, do whatever you can to destroy it. The revolution needs to start now. It’s already too late, we can’t afford to wait a fucking moment longer

Frankieeee‏ @frankierolls If you see an ICE vehicle SLASH THEIR FUCKIN TIRES PLEASE

ryan‏ @Animal_Mothah If you see an ICE vehicle slash it’s tires, if you see an ICE Agent _____ their _______

ritty, MPH‏ @mumbly_joe If you see an ICE vehicle, slash its tires and knock out its lights

borg  🦠‏ @kattdump if you see an ICE vehicle unattended and don’t slash the tires you made a mistake


I put FOAD at the end of a tweet and was banned.

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  1. I just got a 30 day suspension from Fascistbook for describing Charlie Sheen as “white trash with cash”. Any excuse will do for Zuck’s cucks.

  2. Geoff Miller‏ @GeoffMiller “… or any sort of petroleum product into the brake system.”

    …this will make the brakes fail without warning. This has a high potential to kill everyone in the vehicle, INCLUDING any illegals in the vehicle, PLUS kill anyone the out-of-control vehicle HITS, which could be a CROWD of illegals in the area the vehicle is operating in OR a crowd of @Geoff Millers trying to STOP it, as well as any vehicles or buildings in its path, which may ALSO be filled with your precious illegals

    …you fail as a human being.

    WHY isn’t this person in jail? Screw Twitbanned, he needs to be removed from civil society.

    …if this happens to any ICE vehicles, be SURE to look this fellow up…

  3. I’m banned from FB for 30 Days for posting a meme response to

    an idiot saying the Border Camps are just like the Holocaust…

    The Meme is a two part picture of a Gestapo Officer..The top

    pic has Him saying “Hans”

    the bottom pic is a close up and says “Get the Gas”

    I have the same one with Arabs…except its “Get the Rocks”

  4. The Charlottesville NASCAR driver just got Life + 412 years. I’m ok with that.
    The communist Prof in Cali smashes a MAGA noggin from behind with a bike lock…..probation.

    It’s all relative, right? They can’t seem to grasp the more they target/punish anyone Left/Right of Center or what they’ve coined Alt-right/white nationalist, by default they’re creating converts who’ll no longer tolerate their sh*t.

    Keep it up ya damn commies. We brought the full might of our military across the continent to take you out. This time we don’t need to travel so far.

  5. Why vandalize? Put a BB in the cap and screw it on until the air starts to leak. It’s mentioned only 1 spare is carried, but no one has an air pump typically.. So they could do essentially the same thing and not cause any real damage. But libtards resort right to vandalizing… aaand they aren’t very creative.

    I bet the above suggestion would result in a banning. They can all FOAD.

    I’m just left still trying to figure out why exactly citizens of this country want unvetted persons living amongst us when we prove time and again they don’t have our interests at heart. Even a libtard would tell you they don’t want to be raped or murdered or have their job taken away.

  6. If you are still on those platforms, YOU are the problem.
    I have no sympathy for anyone who gripes about facebook or twitter
    Its like an abusive relationship you refuse to leave.
    If I see anyone who looks like they are fucking with an ICE or any other LEO vehicle I will shoot the bastard dead.

  7. Fakebook and Twatter can be addictive.

    BFH, put down the crack pipes and back away….back away….back away….

  8. see this is the part I don’t get….this would be so simple to send all these outrageous quotes and threats to Twitter Support….stand by for a couple days and when they are not banned or forced to remove the tweet, file a Trillion dollar discrimination and censorship lawsuit against them…..seems like it would be a slam dunk and if they can force a conservative baker to make a same sex “marriage” cake why can’t Twitter be PUT DOWN for clear and blatant censorship of ONE viewpoint???

  9. “I put FOAD at the end of a tweet and was banned.”

    Yes, that’s because you’re a horrible, horrible monster who refuses to learn how to play the twitter game.

    Frankly I’m surprised…on a daily basis….that you’ve somehow managed to keep this place afloat.

  10. On second thought, you could always take Absurd Route.

    If some Klantifa asshole posts in Fakebook or Shitter “slash the tires if ICE vehicles” post something impossible and stupid; “wouldn’t it be nice if we could round up all the fascist ICE employees and force them into reeducation centers run by Antifa volunteers?”

    Or try this one, “wouldnt it be great to gather all the ICE employees in XYZ Conservative City for a convention and nuke it?”

    Meanwhile, copy/paste those Libtards posts and tweets into your response so they are preserved even if that Klantifa post is later deleted

  11. @lazlo, I understand what you are saying but the idea behind these platforms was in part to be able to have free expression and exchange of ideas with people from diverse backgrounds on the political spectrum. This is in addition to doing social media, doing business, education and getting news as it is breaking unfiltered by the liberal MSM. To just give up and walk away concedes an enormous victory to the left and gives them an unprecedented advantage over us in idea distribution. If we don’t stand and fight it will embolden them to try even more far-reaching liberty killing ideas. There are thousands and thousands of conservatives still on these platforms.

  12. i dont bother with shartbook or swiffer, the minute i’d think about creating an account, i’d be band.
    mark z is a robo dipshit and jack d is a bearded hermaphrodite.

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