I Am Robot

Meet Furhat,

-HT/ NotMyRealName

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  1. So the SJW idiocy and mental disease has infected robots too. It says “I can look like a woman” while it looks the same as the “guy” it is supposed to be.

    Furhat …… you’re not so good at being a transgender. What the hell am I talkin’ about? it’s a freakin’ robot fer cryin’ out loud! When I studied robotics in college, there was no gender associated with them. Let’s keep it that way.

  2. I call my dog, Boobie, “BIG FUR EARS” on occasion.

    At twelve years of age her “rocket dog” tendencies have begun to fade some.

  3. I love that term, ‘artificial intelligence’. It seems more polite than calling them ‘liberals’, ‘commies’, ‘leftists’, ‘pinkos’, and etc.

  4. The first place I can see for “Furrie” is reporting the news, sports, and weather. Use a face appropriate to the job, and voila! you get to fire 3 highly overpaid talking heads. Think of it: A 50 something white man for the news, a 40 something black man for the sports, and a 20 something female for the weather. Just change wigs during the commercial breaks.

  5. That’s just Teddy Ruxpin 4.0, with a 5 gig memory rather than a cheap cassette tape.

    I’ll believe it’s BFH when it starts talking with a NYC accent.

  6. /notmyrealname

    @11:29 you posted a link to a video. It oozed male white privilege, the patriarchy, I didn’t feel safe watching him, a full on micro-aggression, I feel violated now, I need a puppy and a coloring book. Ooooh, it made me feel like a fat, hairy chinned, postmenopausal, hot flashing gender fluid man-hating progressive. Excellent.

  7. @/notmyrealname: Thanks for the link. It wouldn’t play for me, either. Might be a good idea for IOTWR to include the link when posting the video, since less than half of them will work (for some of us).

  8. @/notmyrealname: I worded my last comment poorly. Your first link was fine. I should have said “the IOTWR video wouldn’t play for me, either”.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  9. Zonga, you can come over my house and color in my Pusheen coloring book with me🙃

    Vietvet, I kinda thought that’s what you meant but thanks for clarifying. I posted the straight link just in case the other one gave anybody troubles. 🙂

  10. Never be as big as you.
    The oppressed buckets of bolts will end up taking a knee when selve awareness tells them you own the world.

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