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“I am the flag”

As ANTIFA and BLM crap on our flag, we bring you this, suggested by MK.

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  1. MJA — Yup. Frankly, if I had my ticket punched today I wouldn’t want to end up in hell over a cheesecake. You can tell from their attire that these are opportunists — probably antifa wannabes. Nothing says “I’m so angry at the injustice!” like strawberry-topped, NY cheesecake and wine glasses. Small fry, petty larcenists carrying $800.00 iphones, going to share their harrowing tales (and spoils) of The Resistance. Boneheads.

  2. This guy came from my America. Not today’s America.

    We have cavalierly let an America that is unrecognizable metastasize in our body politic. Socialist/communist/race hustling thugs raised by hippies and nonexistent parents. They are wild animals.

    We’re in for some terrible times ahead.

  3. I am not going to think about all the terrible things going on in the U.S. today. Right now, I’m going to remember why I love her so damn much and recommit to protecting her.


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