I Attended The Women’s March And The March For Life. Here Are The Real Differences

Daily Caller: Last week, I attended the Women’s March and the March for Life.

This was my second year in a row observing the two movements up close and editing stories about their similarities and differences. As both movements grow and advance, it’s important to note their cultural and political impact. They are both similar and different in various ways. Both are a gathering of politically passionate men and women from around the country. Both are attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Both have passionate, famous speakers. However, they begin to diverge there.

The March for Life is in its 45th year and has a very specific goal: The overturning of Roe v. Wade. Above all else, the march believes abortion is wrong and should be done away with.

The main uniting force for the two-year-old Women’s March seems to be hatred of President Donald Trump. From there, the values and priorities of the pro-choice, feminist Women’s March are much more diverse. Their own mission statement is quite lengthy, over a thousand words long, and covers everything from “Environmental Justice” to “LGBTQIA Rights.”

Having attended both the marches two years running, here are the observable differences between the two:  MORE

Snip:  Look at the signs the children from both marches are carrying.

Image from March For Life.org  website.

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  1. On one side, Americans. On the other? Paid socialist soros shills. They mark themselves easily. Too bad we can’t clean out the trash.😘

  2. MJA, this will take a few minutes of your time, but Nuance Bro does a good job covering the event. Tries to interview the anti-life side and things change. have a look. The climax begins to occur at 16:05 with cyan colored hair.

  3. The little girls at the Women’s march…how sad. The dirty words, the profane signs, the hate. It’s just gross.

  4. Glad Trump told Piers Morgan he is not a feminist. Those ridicoulis women’s march men equal feminists, no one sane is interested in that.

  5. @eternal cracker p
    Thank you for the link. Watched it…..
    The only difference between the people in the video and the German SS is the German SS were more informed and eloquent as to why they wanted to murder the innocent.

  6. I have a pink hat. Had it for a few years before those silly pink knitted hats became fashionable. Bought it for myself when I got my Class A Contractor license. It’s a pink hard hat. That’s girl power.

  7. “Fuck Donald Trump” sign held by a little girl, “Die You Scumbag” sign with image on it of Donald Trump.

    They seem to forget their own words and actions in the midst of their onset of the vapors every time Trump or any conservative says anything, not unlike Michelle Obama having rappers whose lyrics embody women hatred to the White House and then play acting that her uncorrupted ears never heard such awful language until Trump said it.

    Absolute filth.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how those who call for an end to hatred the most are the ones who hate the most. They will never see their hypocrisy because of the scales on their eyes.

  9. Everything that the DEMS socialist have a March in Washington, D.C. It looks like a third world country. The socialist crap in street , garbage in the streets, the trash is unbelievable .

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