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I Broke Up With Her Because She’s White

When it comes to dating, I’d rather not think about race. But that’s been hard to avoid.
O.K., let me just get to it. I think I broke up with my last girlfriend because she’s white. Actually, no, I definitely broke up with her because she’s white...
It’s been a year since I broke up with my girlfriend, and I haven’t told her the real reason. I talked around it, mumbling about how I was trying to figure out who I was or whatever. She didn’t understand. I’m not sure I do either. There was nothing wrong with her at all.
I don’t really know what my tipping point was. It just kind of happened. At 30, I woke up one day, took a deep breath, looked at her and thought, “I don’t think I can date white women anymore”
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  1. Thank God I married a white woman of English and Norwegian descent. That’s about as white as you can get. I have nothing against other woman but my wife was the best regardless of color or ethnicity.

  2. …but the White girl will go back for more. They’ve been pretty trained to go for Black guys at this point, whether it’s because society doesn’t require Black guys to be pussies like it does White guys, or because their freinds do it, or because they want to prove they’re not rayyciss, or they simply want to find out if that “size” rumor is true…

  3. Amazing how shitting on whites is the soup of the day among the oh so hip elites. No matter if you are a self hating white or a minority, you are hailed as a hero for hating or blaming whitey. And yet, non whites seek refuge in white nation’s by the tens of thousands.

  4. Another way to look at it is that she was lucky not to get sandbagged with some white-hating, racist, moolie/beaner hybrid piece of shit as a boyfriend.

  5. She should feel like she dodged a bullet. Normally they’re found stabbed or beaten to death.
    Personally I wouldn’t have anything to do with a woman that dated blacks, I’d never be able to get around that stupid mindset.

  6. Dumping the white girlfriend wasn’t enough virtue signaling, he had to write a guest editorial about it. How progressive of him. I hope he spends his evenings going to Harlem looking for a NEW girlfriend.

  7. My GF is Asian, but just because her vajayjay runs horizontal doesn’t mean I won’t use it to make her (and me) verrrry happy.

  8. Yeah g’head Chris, return to the dark side. Pick a righteous big black angry woman who’ll knock the wokeness right out of your skinny Dominican ass the first time she catches you glancing at a blue-eyed blond on the street.

  9. Aaaaaaannnnd yer lastest Racial Healing Update sez:
    “Go fcuk yerself, yer White!”

    Can’t wait for the drive by shootings in the ‘burbs to begin by these disturbed radical thugs. Polar Bear hunting taken to the next level.

  10. You already picked a side Chris.

    You picked the racist side. You are too weak-minded to make your own choice and allowed your very racist friends to convince you that you should not associate with whites.

    Whomever it is that you do end up with is going to run your life.

    Whites are not the problem, it is people like you and the people you listen to that are the problem.

  11. Older brother’s second wife is an Italian woman who first dated a black, because .. “striking a blow against racism” AND because her father, who OBTW fought in one of the most important battles of the Normandy campaign and became a POW, told her not to.

    So to spite her “racist” father, who, lest we forget, was almost killed fighting against that champion of race healing, Adolf Hitler, she went ahead with it. And, just as Daddy feared, the bro dumped her like a used condom at the first opportunity, but not before sowing his seed in her. And the resulting biracial kid suffered all the problems that come from this sort of thing and never grew up into a responsible adult.

    But there’s that race justice thing — for black males anyway. Unfortunately one of the main attraction for black males cuts in the opposite direction for black females; and we all know what I’m talking about. So this racial “justice” for one half actually creates a racial injustice for the other half.

    But we dasn’t talk about that, cuz that be racist

  12. I’ll tell you who hates black guys dating white women more than white fathers. It’s black women. They go crazy (crazier) at the sight of it. Black women know that they can’t compete with what white women offer black guys. Black guys (at least the vast majority of them) want more than anything to defile women and they get more bang for their buck out of white women as black women (at least the majority of them) lack the perceived wholesomeness black guys seek to destroy. It’s hard to defile a woman who is crazier and more feral than you are.

  13. You can hardly watch a commercial on TV where the soy boy is with his black girlfriend. He’ll always be wearing skinny jeans and sipping a latte from Starbucks and she will have a wild, frizzy hairstyle and be wearing clothes with a slight look of African heritage to them. Also, she will look as white as he is. You will be able to see that she is the one who controls the relationship. It’s the message of the ways things should be that’s being sold, not the product so much. It’s meant to make young, white people feel guilty if they don’t measure up to this new way.

  14. Sooooo, he’s an easily bullied black man that has embraced wokeism and racism in one jump. What a dick.

  15. 10 years ago a Buddy of mine (white) was depressed when
    his wife ran out on him. He joined a public clinical
    service meeting group for ppl.with depression.
    Said it was full of Very Depressed white women who
    had their black boyfriends run off and leave them
    with kids. They said they were unable to find new
    guys who were interested in a relationship and were
    emotionally devastated.
    He said “Now, They Were Depressed” and he never
    returned to the meetings. I figured in
    light of the topic that the black guy might have
    done her a favor.

  16. The “tipping point” was that this brother got another fat white chick pregnant so he had to skate.

  17. If the opinions of other people about who you date are so important to you, then perhaps you should not be dating at all?

    There are only two people in the entire world who should be concerned with who you are dating. You and the person you are dating.

  18. What a coincidence. I broke up with the New York Times for reasons of color, too. They became way too pinko for me to tolerate.

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