I Can Search All Night and Not Find a More Repulsive SJW Video

Everything about this clip turns my stomach –

-the regurgitation of charges against Trump with the inability to back any of it up.

-the assault after a person was made to look like an idiot.

-the immediate claim of being a tranny “woman” after assaulting someone.

-the stupid bint that steps in and tries to justify the idiot’s assault by saying “don’t call her a him.” The idiot has HIS face covered and talks like a guy, looks like a guy, and acts like a guy.

The entire thing is just a microcosm of 2016. We have to get this country back on a survivable track. It is imperative.

16 Comments on I Can Search All Night and Not Find a More Repulsive SJW Video

  1. Unfuckingreal. The fag spits on a man and then dares, “Go ahead, touch a woman.”????

    I avoid these kind of protests because I go from 0-60 in about 1 second-he(yeah bitch, it’s a he) wouldn’t have gotten 1 word out before my fist would have made contact with that smug face.

    They have somehow gotten to this point in their lives without suffering any consequences or this behavior. After several serious beatdowns early in high school, you learn to choose your words a little more carefully. Especially to much larger folks.

  2. This is “Identity Politics USA” That’s all anything is; any stance, any law, any movement, any emotion, any belief…..ALL based on identity.

  3. The self-appointed license to change factual certainties into the “freak du jour” began in 1998 when WJC said, “it depends on what the meaning of “is” is”.

  4. Before that spit would have hit me, I would have already knocked it’s teeth out.
    These slimy pieces of shit have no idea what is coming their way.
    And when they are lying in a pool of their own puke and blood, they can thank their professors, their parents, and Soros, for the misery they will be experiencing.
    I cannot wait for that time, as I will seek out scum like this, and make them see the light, or at least they will see the inside of their own eyelids covered in blood.
    These people make me sick to my stomach.
    And this “thing” should be arrested and charged for assault, and whatever else they can come up with.
    Toss that he/she thing in jail, and let the brothers have a go at it.

  5. Lazlo watched something interesting a while back.
    Some chick was accosting a guy in a gas station. She was threatening him with ‘Kicking his ass’ and dancing around like a boxer.
    He told to quit acting like a man or she would be treated like one.
    She didn’t, he did, and punched her in the mouth.
    She hit the ground wailing for the cops.
    As I recovered from laughing, and drove off, you could her cries:
    “Help! Someone call the Poleeeece! I’m Bleeeeediiing!”

  6. If they are so proud of their ideology and representatives why hide their identity? But everywhere we see liberals congregating to raise hell they hide their identity. Gee could it be because peaceful discourse and discussion is not what they have in mind.

  7. I know this is wrong, but I’m starting to question the immorality of concentration camps. Sans ovens, of course.

  8. A buddy of mine works at the parish jail. He says anytime someone in their custody spits on them they have to assume that person may have AIDS so it’s regarded as a major assault. They MACE and Tase the shit out of him/ her/ it, hogshackle the sonofabitch and they all get tested to ensure none have been infected.

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