I can watch this stuff all day – Bad Day At Work For ISIS Thug – IOTW Report

I can watch this stuff all day – Bad Day At Work For ISIS Thug

They scream like bitches, don’t they?Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 1.04.53 AM


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  1. He heard it coming, but by then it was on top of him. Quite an explosive interview. The poor guy just went to pieces on camera.

  2. Gee Wally, sounds like they revealed the secret password for how they get 72 virgins.
    Yeah Beave, I’ll bet that screaming really bring’s ’em runnin…

  3. I’m conflicted.

    On one hand I want to give a few follow-up shots and finish them, and that high pitched noise, off.

    On the other hand their suffering is so, so sweet.

  4. Another one bites the dust. Allahu Fubar anf Puck Fisslam!

    The feral cat I trapped this morning in a Hav-A-Heart for neutering didn’t make that kind of noise.
    Ha ha neutering a Pisslamist with a bomb is darn hysterical.

  5. “Here let’s do the interview out front where it’s light in front of your bunker where everyone can see you, it’ll be so much better.”

  6. Pretty sure the missile’s target was the bunker, he was just a joyous casualty of war.
    The approach angle is too acute to be a mortar round.

  7. Probably a 40mm grenade, judging from the blast radius. The old M79s (‘Bloop’ gun) did stuff like this. If it had been a mortar round or “missile” the camera and terrorists would’ve been blown to bits.

    Oh, to quote one of the YouTube commenters: “Aloha Snackbar!”

  8. now that screaming bitch is a Filthy Moslem Savage made GOOD. (the only GOOD Filthy Moselm Savage is a DEAD Filthy Moslem Savage)

  9. And that crying never stops, it continues in the fires of hell. The virgins were a lie, there are only demons who will ream your goat-humping ass for eternity, hajji.

    islam really sucks now, don’t it.

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