I Can’t Believe They Let You Do That!

From 2013-

It’s a free country, but not so much in California, where there’s:

“No fires, no parking, all animals must be on a leash, no photography, camping not permitted, no lifeguard on duty, penalties will apply, permit required. Gun free zone, noise ordinance enforced. Fly quietly, minimum altitude 1000 feet. No ATV’s, personal watercraft prohibited, wake limit strictly enforced, plastic bags no longer available, tow-away zone. Fishing permit required, environmentally sensitive area, no dogs allowed, se habla espanol.”

Bill Whittle explains how places like California are ruining any sense of liberty, and are also taking away the fun of living here.

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  1. Reads like the average sign in Virginia Beach. Why we do not go there.

    The signs say no foul language among other things, too.

  2. ” Fishing permit required”

    Actually it’s called a License moron. I’m not arguing Texas isn’t a freer state than California. But as usual Billy falls short. I believe you can find most of those restriction in Texas too.

  3. Small game LICENSE with a FISHING permit is what I have…two pole stamp also….settle down Brad…

    Hey Brad, Are you facing some health issues?…I haven’t heard the details…Wanna share? Because I wouldn’t ever want to call you a dumbass again if you’re fighting a monster…LOL…just sayin’….be well…

  4. We live in the Dixie part of the People’s Republic of Summit County Ohio. The shit that be all illegal in the north 40 don’t mean squat down here. We burn stuff, we practice with firearms, we regularly violate zoning laws, and we don’t take kindly to urban interlopers. Yes, all this freedom just scant miles from Communist Akron.
    The secret is: Our equidistant stance as far as we can be from liberal colleges.
    Thank you. Bitch.

  5. In Texas, I can board a helicopter and shoot feral hogs on the run with a fully automatic rifle while chasing them across vast stretches of farmland without a license. I can legally blow them up with Tannerite bombs by the dozen without a license. I can shoot a deer off my back porch as long as I have a hunting license and it’s deer season. I can drive on the beach for over one hundred miles without having to answer to anyone. I can own all the guns and ammo I can afford without having to ask for permission from the state and I don’t have to register any of it. I can carry a pistol for self defense in my vehicle without a license. I can shoot a criminal intruder in my home without going to prison. I can use plastic straws wherever I choose to. I can beat someone to death who is trying to rape my granddaughter and not be considered the bad guy. I can burn stuff in my back yard without being arrested or fined. I can drink a 44 ounce soft drink if I want to and the governor can’t do a thing about it. I can cut down every tree on my property if I want to and nobody else has a say about it. I can collect all the rainwater I want to and not be fined tens of thousands of dollars. I can paint my house purple with pink stripes if I want to and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I can rent rooms out in my home to anyone I want to for whatever price I want to and not have to answer to anyone for it. I can dig a pond on my property and stock it with fish if I want to and not have to ask permission from anyone. Texas isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for me. (My wife would kill me if I did some of this stuff, though.)

  6. When i was a kid:

    Could smoke anywhere. I.G.A. had ash trays in every aisle.

    Could drink beer openly on the street.

    Could drink beer on the beach, in the park, and many while they were driving.

    Burning excess leaves was not only legal, but expected.

    Seatbelts were optional, and many cars didnt even have them.

    Often, kids didnt have car seats.

    Could buy a gun at the pawn shop in 5 minutes with cash.

    Could ride snowmobiles anywhere you wanted.

    Talk trash to an adult, get your ass kicked on the street, police and courts didnt care.

    Could buy fireworks at the gas station.


  7. HAMBONES, Better not dig a pond
    unless you get permission from
    the Feds.They can see it from space.

  8. Up here in North Maine, I’m 30 miles from the nearest stop light.
    I can step outside my door in the middle of town and let loose a round from my black powder rifle after the season is over in order to clean it.
    I don’t need a permit to carry, nor do I feel the need to carry most of the time.
    But……..Things are changing.
    My area is becoming a Mecca for New England liberal assholes that are moving here to retire and escape the other assholes where they come from.
    Unfortunately, the problems they are trying to escape seem to come with them.
    FQN liberals. They destroy everything associated with them.

  9. The liberals who are “escaping” their liberal enclaves and seeking refuge in red states while bringing with them their liberal ideologies don’t realize they are trying to escape the stench of their own BO without first taking a shower.

  10. I’m a red stater and Brad has a very valid point, just because we live in red states does not mean we are truly free.
    Go to any public park and there is a sign that says no tobacco products. Any store and it says no smoking within 15 feet at the door.
    Any hospital and signs everywhere that say no tobacco products on property.
    The majority of towns you are not allowed to fire a gun, burn anything, and you can be fined for your grass being over x number of inches. Forget about changing out your own toilet as code enforcement will be knocking on your door giving you a citation for plumbing without a license.
    We have state parks that allow camping, but we also have state parks that do not allow camping. We have plenty of no lifeguard on duty signs.
    We can shoot a deer from our back porch, but you better have a license and go online and fill out a tag. Unless you’re going to fish in your own pond, you best have a fishing license and you best know the limit and size for each species of “sport fish” and that changes from lake to lake and river to river, and ignorance of the regulations at said lake or river is no excuse.
    If you’re not in a rural area, you must have a permit to build a fence, a porch, a carport, run a business, etc. Even if you live in a rural area and operate a business you must have a license and pay county taxes that the state Republican legislature voted for on anything for that business, you must list everything from tools down to pencils, so things you already payed taxes on, you’re taxed again for every year.

    So yeah, we’re not as bad as California, but to pretend red states are free is burying our head and thinking just because Republicans are in charge it’s all good.

  11. @Radioationman
    I’ve already checked into it and I can dig a pond on my property without permission from the Feds or anyone else. Many of my close neighbors have already done so. In my part of Texas, we have an over abundance of rainfall and the water table is just beneath the surface. We have received just over three hundred inches of rain in the last two and one half years where I live.


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