“I Can’t Breathe But I Can Loot”

Last night saw more buildings burnt and shootings across the nation. It’s time for a message from Alfonzo (“Zo”) Rachel to those who think destroying intercity communities is in the best interest of those who live there. Watch

13 Comments on “I Can’t Breathe But I Can Loot”

  1. We, most of us, carry guns here. And we’ve seen no problems.

    Nobody burned the hay bales, or the Target, or the byres.

    I know, I know, the bad guns killed the honest looters.

    But it didn’t happen here.

  2. Why are they so angry now?? The fucking cop was arrested this morning and now they are still burning down cities, and threatening our president??? What the fuck is the secret service waiting for??? OPEN FIRE!!! THEY WILL RUN LIKE THE FUCKING COWARDS THAT THEY ARE.

  3. Why are they mad at Trump??? When a white guy gets wrongfully killed by the cops, how many cities burn??? Answer? ZERO.
    When black guys were killed by cops when Obama was president, how many thugs protested outside the white house??? Answer? ZERO
    Fuck this shit..bring on civil war 2.

  4. Officer Chauvin was just trying to keep us safe. Don’t they want to be safe?

    Just like the lockdowns that they smirked about, mf’s!!!

  5. Call me paranoid, but this haa all the earmarkings of a coordinated, oganized Leftist instigated uprising.

  6. Oh, and by the way…No mail-in ballots needed! If they can loot, they can vote. If they burn down the voting precinct. tough shit!

  7. If you cannot breathe, you cannot say the words, “I can’t breath” over and over, BTW.

    Anent, the looting aftermath:

    The only thing that ever seems always work is to issue a “Shoot to Kill” order to clear the streets.


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