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I Can’t Get Enough of Trucks Trying To Fit Under the 11Foot8 Bridge

Here’s a compilation of truck drivers that don’t know the height of their truck. All of the incidents take place at the same bridge- a famous beast which is known as the 11Foot8 Bridge, or, The Can Opener.


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  1. Looks like those 11’8″ bridges take a beating. Someone should consider making 12′ bridges, looks like that would help.

  2. If anyone has an old trailer they want to get rid of, please print iOTWreport on the side and crash it into this bridge.
    Thank you.

  3. If only we could get the treasonous bastards in congress to “trim” the federal budget that quickly and easily. Of course in that case I would like the bridge to be only 6 feet high such that half the budget could be whacked off that quickly.

  4. I wonder if this video is used for training class in CDL schools.

    I seem to recall a friend who lived in Hillsborough, just west of Durham, telling me about the crashes at this underpass when we drove through it one day many many years ago.

  5. There is one in virginia but they weresmart enought to hang chains down before you get to bridge that let you know you ain’t gonna fit.

  6. If flashing yellow lights and multiple clearance warnings aren’t enough, nothing is. This intersection is not idiot proof.

    I found the stop sign getting knocked down by a truck avoiding the low overhead was funny. Couldn’t even avoid the bridge without damage happening.

  7. You’d think, at some point, the insurance companies would spring for altering this intersection so this stops.

    They have to be paying a lot for this one intersection already.

  8. Venturaguy is right about the rental trucks. When you’re used to driving passenger cars your whole life, it doesn’t even occur to you that you can’t just go wherever there’s a roadway. I don’t know if such a thing is even possible, but it seems like someone could invent a small radar or laser-type device for trucks that could scan ahead and warn the driver in time to stop. Might be too expensive, though.

  9. It would cost millions to raise the bridge or lower the roadway, and which company (or companies) are going to spring for that? Easier to justify paying the occasional claim. Either that or sue the state highway department and try to get them to fix it.


  10. I was expecting to see some secondary accidents, such as cars slamming into the backs of these suddenly stopped trucks.

  11. Completely agree that rental drivers most unaware of potential height problems.

    Yet, that intersection goes a step further than just a general warning and they still crash the rucks.

    Here is a front shot at that sign with the lights. Apparently it can sense your height is too much and start flashing the lights for YOU specifically as you approach with a >11’8 truck.


    And yet – Ka-rassh!

    Experienced drivers would know their limits and have noticed the two signs at the previous intersection saying the 11’8 height restriction is 350 ft ahead down that one-way street. So that should ensure a high rate of rental drivers crashing.

    Besides raising the bridge or lowering the road, what else can you do? Install a GPS-activated brake system at that intersection for vehicles detected to be too high and arriving at a point it can’t pass.?

    Oh, God. Now I’ve given totalitarians another way to try to f**k with us.

  12. No need for a sticker. The flashing yellow sign only flashes when your vehicle is too high.

    Somehow it can sense you’re over height and start the flashing just for you. They can’t even see they are being told directly that they won’t fit. The sticker is going to get crumpled with these guys, no matter what.

    A close-up of the bridge sign. It can tell if you are over height and warns you of it.


  13. They’re already working on that remote brake activation system, but it’s not for low bridges. It’s for when the authorities want to keep you from fleeing them.

    For whatever reason.


  14. Years ago when I worked for the State of Florida, a guy going out of town on US 27 (Apalachee Parkway) did a similar run under a RR bridge. The clincher on that one was he was hauling black powder. It was a loud boom and flash. We could feel the heat through he fifth floor window.
    It was late afternoon and w e got an early release. It could have been worse if a train had been going over at the time.
    This was several years ago – long before we had everyone going around with an iPhone to shoot instant video.

  15. How cool. My city gets featured on IOTWr. The bridge is in walking distance to downtown. I have witnessed a number of these wrecks over the years. It’s amazing. Most of the drivers appear to be mathematically and otherwise challenged.

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