I don’t care what anyone says, Neil deGrasse Tyson is not a bright man

Look at this idiotic tweet.

I think what he’s trying to imply is that humans believe scientists when they say they’ve captured an image of a black hole, but they don’t believe them when they say global warming is real.

What a stupid point.

Warming is not conflicting with what I want to be true, it’s conflicting with my belief that transferring my wealth will have shit all to do with the climate… stupid.


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  1. Actually, astronomers compiled a composite radio image of the event horizon of a black hole. Black holes themselves emits no light and therefore cannot be photographed.

    BAM! Out tysoned tyson.

  2. SCIENTISTS: “We’ve concluded that humans are catastrophically warming the Earth.”

    ME: “Wrong! Your argument fails right there. Perhaps you have concluded it, but you don’t speak for all scientistS, many of whom disagree with you.

    ME: “You’re so full of hubris shit, your socks stink.”

  3. grool is quite correct and there are MANY who are convinced of this man’s pompous attitude;

  4. “We have found the black hole, and it is you, DumbAss Tyson.”

    Quit making Bill Nye look smart in contrast to you.

  5. Hey look i have a picture of something that can not be seen just like the real proof that peoplekind(Canadian here i may be arrested for wrong think or hate speech)has not been seen but trust me i have a slide ruler and a white coat.(oh shit is a white coat racist?)Hey got to go black tahoe in the drive and a knock on the door. Sorry have a nice daaaay ahh call my lawyer.

  6. ME: The Earth has been warming and cooling for millions of years. It was hot enough (per scientists) to provide lush vegetation for millions of dinosaurs and cold enough (per scientists) for ice to almost reach the equator. Carbon dioxide levels were over three times what it is today, after 200 years of man’s fossil fuel burning. I do not believe that the natural warming and cooling mechanisms have stopped ‘cold’ and now only humans are responsible for catastrophic climate change.

    NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON: You’re just an idiot (with a B.Sc. ChE. and M.Sc. MIS) who can’t speak science. Ignore all of that other science stuff that conflicts with what your betters are telling you.

  7. I used to work for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank WV. Even back in the ’90s using interferometry, you could image something like this and colorize it. This is more of a media PR thing.

  8. He said “warming”.
    Show me the real temperature data (undoctored*) which actually shows the entire earth warming over the past 100 years that is greater than the random variations that occured within that same period. You cannot. Show me data that demonstrates temperature trends greater than the known and accepted values of temperature measurment error variation. You cannot.
    The crap these “scientists” present has a signial to noise ratio of much less than 1.0. Therefore – bullshit!
    *undoctored = no “proxy” data, no urban heat island effect, no “corrections” to compensate for negative trends you didn’t like….

  9. When someone says the earth has changed a few tenth’s of a degree over a decade you KNOW they are 100% full of shit.
    First of all. Allowable easurement error (uncertanty) of just one temperature measurement device is a few tenths of a degree. Now consider the tens of thousands that are required to measure the entire earth! It’s just plain stupid to even consider a trend that small for such a large mass as accurate.

  10. And don’t let anyone tell you that “surface” temperature means anything. The earth is a sphere with a diameter of almost 8 THOUSAND MILES! The core of the earth is a molten iron and nickel sea due to massive radioactive decay. That sea flows around randomly inside the crust causing internal temperature variations way larger than anything these clowns are predicting on the surface. So, measuring the surface of the crust of an eight thousand mile diameter, liquid filled ball and claiming that represents the entire earth is a flat out lie.

  11. I still think he makes some pretty good frozen chicken products. Maybe he should stick to those instead of getting mixed up in all this Science nonsense.

  12. if they could just tell me, & prove what the optimal ‘climate’ of the earth should be, at any given point in time (such as this very phucking moment!), maybe, just maybe, I will give them a moment of interest

    otherwise …. Piss Off!

  13. Vietvet, Tyson chicken keeps getting busted for e-coli outbreaks and illegal immigration raids…..

    Think about that. A black man who can’t make chicken.

    What is this poor worl’ coming to?

  14. Hell, when the establishment meteorological pukes can predict the weather with any accuracy out two weeks ahead I shall pay attention.

  15. I think it’s cute the way Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks people look to him for deep thoughts the way they look to Kim Kardashian for deep thoughts. But he doesn’t think they look to him for deep thoughts the way they look to Kim Kardashian for deep thoughts.

  16. you can take a picture of a black hole at night?

    yeah, right…and this is a picture of sheep in a snow storm ->>>

    Or seeing an “invisible fence”

  17. @Walpurgis – way cool. My family has a vacation house about five miles south of GB RO. Property my father-in-law purchased 1962/63. I will be going there soon to open it after its winter hibernation. I frequently hike the trails on the observatory property during the summer.

  18. Note that “We” is often used merely to indicate a consensus, whether one exists or not, and rarely, if ever, names those who supposedly agree.
    Otherwise the tragically self-important always use “I”.


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