I don’t get it… ohhhhhhhh

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  1. 🏆 Most punchable boyfriend of 2018 so far goes to…..🏆

    by the way, haven’t heard from McCain in a while. The balloons in my balloon drop net are still fully inflated, so I’m not worried about them just yet.

  2. “How Long is a Chinaman”

    “How Long is a Chinaman?”

    “That’s right!”


    Most people are confused until you tell them it’s a statement, not a question.

  3. They could complicate the story by filling the field with Eierlegende Wollmilchsau.
    The magic farm critter that gives you every thing you could need or want.

  4. It’s one thing to raz your chick, but don’t put her on front street for all the interwebs to see….if they’re still together he’s lucky.

  5. The guy sounds like he just got up out of his personal floor tent/private space. Her thighs have more brains than his head.

  6. So “28” is the name of the cow that “chickens?”

    The riddle does NOT say that none of the other 29 cows did NOT chicken.

    JDHasty got the correct answer.

  7. “And twenty-eight chickens.”
    Chickens? Plural?
    “And twenty-eight chicken.” might have made some sense. Instead of “chickens” being a plural noun we would have “chicken” as a verb.
    Maybe Engrish isn’t his first language?
    Maybe Engrish isn’t MY first language?

    Hit the dickhead with a baseball bat on the side of his head and scream: “Say it again, muthahfuckuh!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. And people ask me why they don’t get hired to do voice overs. There is something called a comma, asshole. Oh, and bovines aren’t carnivores, so this “riddle” as someone called it, is not a “riddle”, it’s a trick question by a leftist jerk. BTW, what the hell is that woman wearing, and why is she being shot in the dark? To cover up the rest of her body? Her thigh is bigger than my entire body.
    What’s the riddle? Progressives are idiots who think they are smart. The end.

  9. BTW,what he is saying is, Twenty, ATE chickens. Got it? Not funny, clever or anything else. Just a trick question recorded by an asshole.

  10. ENGRISH IS HARD!!! That’s why we need Grammar and Punk you Asians!

    I think she show great restraint, she should have cracked him over the head with a lamp!

  11. Look at that bunch of cows.
    No, herd.
    Heard of what?
    Herd of cows.
    Sure, I’ve heard of cows!
    No, cow herd.
    What do I care what a cow heard? I’ve got no secrets from a cow!

  12. I’ve had that run on me before and yes, I’m wearing the dunce hat. Now if I can’t get one like it almost immediately I ask them to write down the question.

  13. If he added “of them”, it would have been easy.

    “and 20 OF THEM ate chickens.”

    Agree with everyone saying the guy is an insufferable ass.

  14. Chickens — present tense of chicken.
    Chicken — verb — run away in fear.
    28 — identifier of cow, as in — name your pets not your food.
    Cows do eat flesh — that results in mad cow disease.

  15. Taken the other way: “There are thirty cows in the field. Twenty ate chickens. How many did not.” This statement only affirms that twenty ate chickens. It does NOT affirm that the remaining cows did NOT eat chickens. Engrish that idiot.

  16. @vietvet. Thanks I had long forgotten about the Shmoo. The creation of the shmoo probably predates the creation of the Eierlegende Wollmilchsau. (egg-laying milk-giving wool-pig by several years.

    I had forgotten the German term, Eierlegende Wollmilchsau. Called a German lady who lives nearby to ask if she knew the phrase. She was not familiar with it. However, I learned later the Eierlegende Wollmilchsau was created by a German author yeas after she left Germany and came to the USA.

  17. @Blink: You’re welcome. L’il Abner was a big thing when I was a kid, and I always enjoyed the various characters that came from the demented mind of Al Capp. My favorite Al Capp real life moment is when he exposed himself to a very young unknown aspiring actress named Goldie Hawn in an attempt to get into her knickers. A pretty gutsy move for a one-legged guy, I would think.


  18. If any male I knew recorded that and posted it online for the sole purpose of
    humiliating me, he would be carrying his iPhone camera in his intestinal pocket.


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