I don’t think this thing, whatever it is, is on the Trump Train

ht/ js

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  1. I don’t allow Twatter to run scripts, so no can viewski.

    But! It’s fun trying to guess what it is from the comments!

  2. I could have lived the rest of days having never viewed that……
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. You know things are fcuked up when your wife licks the bird poop off your sunroof.

    I’m not going to hit the PLAY arrow even if you wax my ass and buff my balls.

  4. THIS WEB SUCK might be the new catchphrase for iOTW.
    Thank you!!!

    I encourage everyone to use it, exactly as written, until it becomes “a thing.”

  5. Have mercy!
    She’s gonna get so burnt out in the sun. Somebody paint roll her with some sunblock.
    Speaking of sunblock. Damn! She’s blocking the entire Sun, ain’t she?

    You know how sometimes a car gets a weird smell on the inside and you can’t get it out after you lose a sandwich or something? That poor man is gonna have a non-removable stink on the outside of his car.

  6. Is there a Twitter account? #THIS WEB SUCK

    I’d bet there’s an interesting back story on how this person ended up in that situation.

  7. Well, in the spirit of cultural understanding, St. Patrick’s Day is their day to really cut loose.

  8. Let me just get this straight being I am joining in late….Jonna is the new Hiney and This Web Suck!!!

  9. Should have driven away with her at high speed.
    The sound would have sounded like an unsecured tarp in a hurricane.

  10. “unsecured tarp in a hurricane”

    PHenry, took me a second, but then I laughed so hard the neighbors dog started to bark!

  11. Way too late to fix my earlier post but….. THIS WEB SUCK
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  12. Two questions and a statement:

    @cynic. I know settled science like gender are a bit blurry these days, but do you think that is a tranman?

    @bfh. Why do you hate us so much that you would make us watch this video and gouge our eyes out? Don’t blame js. I have sent you plenty of things that you said, NO WAY. Your inhuman cruelty knows no bounds and that I keep returning for more kinda makes me your bitch, don’t it?

    @js. I won’t even begin to press you about what freaky deaky websites you go to. Let’s never go camping together. Ha.

  13. When the programming on your sex robot you ordered from Estonia malfunctions, this is what you get. Mine did this in January while I was trying to hang her in a hotel room because all she could say was “He is Gay”. I had called her a cheap floozy noting that I paid only 200 Euros when it happened.. but she started it when I took her out of the box wearing my MAGA hat..

  14. PHenry, if the driver varied the speed a little bit OL’ Red might make the sound that blowing into a beer bottle makes. THIS WEB SUCK

  15. @Realist, I was gonna say he won’t need a deer whistle on that vehicle.

    THIS WEB SUCK! And both sets of cheeks will flap – the forward-facing ones from direct impingement and the ones on her face from the ‘tailwinds’ so to speak.


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