“I eat nails when I wake up, then I have breakfast.” – IOTW Report

“I eat nails when I wake up, then I have breakfast.”


jeb jeb

Jeb Bush.
He eats nails, y’all.
And maybe a little Elmer’s glue.

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  1. I am the same age as Jeb, 62. I am probably more well adjusted since I am a first born and the oldest of 4 boys. Sorry Jeb younger brothers for the most part aren’t nearly as well adjusted as us older brothers, just because older brothers set the path for their younger brothers and younger brothers get away with a lot more than I did since I was first. I wouldn’t trade in any of my brothers especially my youngest brother who is 5 years younger than I am, he is Mr. contrary, I get along better with him than the other 2. My youngest brother stood up for himself especially when a teacher in HS, the football coach said, “Oh shit, it’s another one of Geoff’s brothers.” he flung it back it in his face and walked out and another teacher, a great guy and biology teacher stood up for him, he was one of my Dad’s customers at the gas station and garage for many years afterwards.

  2. What a maroon. That face screams ‘birth defect’.

    Born to all that privilege, yet has no conception whatever how a grown Man speaks.

    I’d be embarrassed for him, if I cared at all.

  3. I’m the oldest of 3 and my dad thought I was stupid. He left control in the hands of my younger brother, who has proved he is no businessman. He has given everything away. We had 13.5 acres here in the city limits and my bro. auctioned it off. It brought $52,000. I think if dad was here he’d beat the shit out of him.

  4. He really ought to see a manicurist for eating his nails. There’s serious diseases under those nails, and by the look on your face Jeb you know that. I thought your mama taught you better.

  5. Yebbie has a serious eye alignment problem…would be better for him to have NO closeups..ok ok NO PICTURES taken of his crossed-eyed stupid as a box of rocks look…

  6. If Hollywood does a remake of Dumb and Dumber, I know a perfect actor for the job. Shame on mama and papa Bush for pushing Jebbie in a spotlight to make a fool of himself.

  7. That eye thing with bush is myopia. I couldn’t make it through the entire article. I came to bush’s remark “…a servant’s heart…” and gagged. He read the main reason for Carson’s poll numbers in IA and tried to shape shift into an evangelical. Yeah, nauseating.

  8. This image is a photoshop. Been around for some time. Don’t know who did it.

    The nose and mouth slightly askew and eyes slightly crossed.


  9. Claudia, I wasn’t talking about myopia in the sense that his eyes are crossed — but in the sense that he has political myopia. In the article his remarks were myopically focused on pandering to Iowans. The main point is pandering.

  10. Ok. And I agree with you. He’s like a little kid that just wants what he wants.

    This wasn’t just for your comment. Many people commented on how he looks. He is already goofy looking enough without any photoshop! hehe

    Since he was gov of FL, I have wondered if he suffered from some birth defect. He has a look of a mild hydrocephalic condition. Or maybe it’s just that he looks like a toddler that hasn’t grown up yet.

    Whatever, if he were a true conservative I wouldn’t even let it bother me. But knowing his true nature, it just bugs the shit out of me.

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