“I feel unsafe!!” — The war cry of manipulative little monsters

Patriot Retort:

Yesterday Harpers published a letter signed by oodles of Leftwing “intellectuals” and writers warning of the dangers inherent in the so-called “Cancel Culture” – especially in the fight to Resist Donald Trump.  Instantly, some of those who signed on to the letter were harassed, threatened and shamed into recanting their heresy by manipulative little monsters who claimed signing on to this letter made them feel unsafe.

In no time, several signers went to Twitter to grovel to the angry mob.

@JennyBoylanI did not know who else had signed that letter. I thought I was endorsing a well meaning, if vague, message against internet shaming. I did know Chomsky, Steinem, and Atwood were in, and I thought, good company. The consequences are mine to bear. I am so sorry.
7:32 PM · Jul 7, 2020

I do not endorse this@Harpers letter. I am in contact with Harper’s about a retraction— Kerri Greenidge (@GreenidgeKerri) July 7, 2020

The presence of Vox editor Matt Yglesias’ signature caused one Vox writer to share on Twitter just how unsafe Vox now was because Yglesias signed the letter. more here



JK Rowling, Over 100 Others Sign Letter Condemning Cancel Culture. One Caves, Apologizes. Rowling Responds.

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  1. Aspiring Rapper
    North American euphemism for a member of the urban criminal class. This unusual occupation is usually mentioned in conjunction with the subject either being slain or being taken into custody for a violent or property-related crime. A relative of the subject usually points out that the subject’s demise or incarceration comes at an extremely inopportune moment, occurring just as the subject was “turning they(sic) life around.”
    Special K Icey Eight had a checkered past, but his mother insisted he was a “good boy” who was just turning his life around, when the aspiring rapper was gunned down by a homeowner after breaking into the house via the kitchen window.

  2. I long for the good old days when men were men and queers hid in the closet where they belong.

  3. ^
    He was just breaking into the kitchen to see if he could borrow a cup of sugar. And now, “gone to soon.” Where ever that is?

  4. TRF, says: I smell a new movement in the making called: “Sheep Lives Matter”

    Only to the wolves, TRF, only to the wolves…..

  5. If your position on any issue cannot withstand scrutiny by people who hold an opposing viewpoint, your position is invalid and not worth considering. If the best you can do is try to silence critics, then you have no argument.

    A lot of people hate lawyers – frequently with good reason – but this principle is a bedrock of our system of justice. A plaintiff advances facts and arguments in favor of his or her position, and a defendant likewise presents facts and arguments that support his or her side. Further, in the course of a trial each side is given the opportunity to test the facts proffered for truth or falsity. Our legal system also discourages opinion – expert opinion is allowed only to explain complex issues and must be based upon facts, and even then the opposing party is allowed to challenge the facts used. At some point, the truth is theoretically arrived at. To paraphrase Churchill, this isn’t an exceptionally good or foolproof system, and the only systems worse are everything else.

    Too many people – primarily liberals – know that their world view can only work if any dissent is silenced. “Black lives matter” is important to them because these advocates want special privileges and rules for blacks; in reality, “all lives matter” and black lives are an integral subset of “all lives.” But claiming that “all lives matter” destroys the argument that equality can only be achieved if blacks are given special privileges or advantageous rules, so any one claiming all lives matter must be shouted down and silenced. If this is the best liberals have, they lose.

    Finally, one Vox writer claims that now she feels unsafe. Too bad – life isn’t safe. Her emotional safety means nothing to me if the best argument she has against free and open discourse is “I don’t feel safe.” If you want to be an editorial critic and these types of things make you feel unsafe, you need another line of work.

  6. I don’t have a right to “feel safe”. Nobody does.

    If my exercise of my right to free speech makes you feel unsafe, child, then perhaps you should consider running away and hiding. Maybe lie down under the covers with a flashlight and a coloring book. Don’t drool on the book while you suck your thumb, though.

  7. Just wait until the little monsters have completely destroyed civilization. They’ll actually be unsafe… For a little while. And then very soon they’ll just be dead. The Left has gone completely psychotic.

  8. I was never a bully but making these human rats feel “unsafe” and/or “offended” has recently become rather entertaining as a retirement hobby.

  9. “I feel unsafe” means one of two things:

    1. “I’m trying to manipulate you”
    2. “I’m a total and complete spineless wimp”.

    Either way, you’re going to get ignored, or ridiculed.

  10. They haven’t a clue about what unsafe can really be. Bullets flying around your head—now that is unsafe, children.

    The way Antifa is headed, they will experience it.

  11. (Tyranny of the weak.)

    My father used to say “If you want to complain, I’ll be happy to give you something to complain about.”

  12. English is such a wonderful language. So, so many ways to say “It makes me mental.”

    Almost (always, soon to be) all of them under color of law.


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