"I Got My A$$Whooped"

A young women is set upon by six others. She is beaten, humiliated and now in fear of futher violence.  File this one under “the company you keep” cross referencing “bad taste in boy friends.”


10 Comments on "I Got My A$$Whooped"

  1. No surprise here……If you are a low life scum, run with low-life scum, expect to be dealt with like low life scum.

  2. I am all for not blaming the victim – life is full of random acts of violence and even random acts of tragedy. Having said that, I also believe you don’t temp fate. I don’t think there would be a story and she would not suffer this cruelty had she not chose to hang around with heathens…

  3. BTW, you can’t even call a heathen a heathen because they are too stupid and lazy to look up the word, if they even CAN use a dictionary. ..

  4. Who would’ve thought that slumming it with black thugs would cause your white ass so much agony? But enough about the Obama administration.

    Seriously, I have no sympathy for white suburban kids who delve into gangstaland and get burned.

  5. Did she hump that black ape to git back at daddy???
    Time after time stupid young white girl has to learn
    how dangerous and violent this race is.White girl burn a lot in Miss.

  6. See the Facebook pic? Chayanne doing the ‘Miley’ while boyfriend doing gang signs. Oh, so-o cool!
    Did ya learn something, girl? At least you didn’t get bar-b-qued. Got lucky this time.

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