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I Grew Up in a House Similar To This

Look close. I had a dog that did the same, as well.

The house below is the actual house-

My dog was black. And people walking past would be scared out of their shoes when he barked. But then they would laugh a bit when they saw him patrolling the rooftop.

He had a clean record. Not one ever breached the upstairs front windows when he was on duty.

Looking at it now, that was a scary leap in and out of the window. I didn’t really love him up there. But he liked it.

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  1. Working on my chimney, up on the roof, turn around and there is my dog. My 90 lb Dalmation climbed the ladder. Ok now how do I get this dog down? I climbed down, she climbed half way down then leapt the rest of the way. How she did not break a leg is amazing.

  2. My cousin had a basset hound named Punk and one time when he was visiting us at our house on Spokane’s S. hill Punk managed to get out of the upstairs front window similar to the house in this picture. Punk was up on the roof howling like basset hounds do and making quite a racket and a neighbor kid came to our front door and knocked on it and told my mom that there was a dog on the roof howling like all get out. My brother and my cousin had to go out on that steeply pitched roof to bring Punk back in. We still talk about it years after about how that dumb dog managed to get out on the roof like that.

  3. Thanks, you all. Excellent dog-on-roof stories. Wonderful get away from what the govt. is doing to us.

  4. My grandparents had a mutt named Pookie that used to like to climb up and sleep in the crotch of a particular apple tree.
    She always napped under it when she could no longer climb it. That’s where she’s buried.

  5. A friend of mine had a visit from the police who said his dog was chasing a kid on a bicycle the day before. He told them it was impossible because his dog does not have a bike.

  6. TIM

    O tell yu some bird dogs are buried in my yard; but, sine it is illegal, and Im not 1 of GWB’s “migrants” I’m vulnerable, so i wont.

  7. I grew up in a 50’s ranch house. There was a big oak tree just outside the dining room, and one of our cats, a siamese, used to shinny up that tree to lay on the roof. When he was done, he’d jump off the roof onto the convertible top of whichever Fiat 124 was parked outside the carport. And there was almost always a 124 there for him. At one point, we had four. But if none were there, for some reason, he’d jump to the tree branch and shinny back down.

  8. Thirdtwin: If you had one drivable Fiat, you needed the other 3 for parts to keep it running!

  9. One of my favorite dog stories that my dad told with the preface of either being a true story/tall tale or this is no shit began as. When my dad and his next older brother Ross were kids back in the late 30’s and lived on a small farm just N. of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho they also had a mongrel dog named Punk who got sick (they couldn’t afford to take Punk to the vet to find out why he was sick) and how my grandmother went out to put him down by shooting him outside in the back of the farmyard. Anyway, she closed her eyes and shot Punk thinking that would take care of him and left his body out for the coyotes and such. Little did she know that when she shot Punk that she missed and hadn’t killed him but only blasted his balls off which had an abscess and when they had drained of their all the nasty junk in them, he survived and the next day or so or my dad and my uncle saw Punk come crawling back into the yard and were so excited that my grandmother hadn’t killed him. Punk went on to live for a few more years after that and this story was hilariously told by both of them for many years afterwards much to whoever listened to them to them, they didn’t know whether to believe this story or not. Whether it was true or not it always made for a great story told to anyone who was gullible enough to listen them tell this whopper.

  10. Wasn’t there a play about this?
    “Dog on a hot asphalt roof”?
    Never mind….

  11. @ Huron AT 1:14 AM

    My lad Annie used to come up onto the roof every time I was up there doing work. Would come headfirst down the ladder at a gallop and then jump and roll when she got half way to the ground. We had a number of hounds that would climb trees. They were a PITA. If they had a bob or lion up a tree they only caused themselves grief

  12. 4 Fiats ! must have had 1 hell of a pile of tools!

  13. A friend of mine had a Fiat 124 back in the early 80’s, it was the most worthless POS car I ever saw. Every time it rained hard it would short out the electrical system causing this little Italian junk heap to stall out, usually in traffic, since there was no splash plate underneath the engine to deflect the rainwater away from the electrical coil. His wife finally had enough and made him get rid of it.

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