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DC: Border Patrol Agents Refuse To Turn Over Wanted Felons Because Of California’s Sanctuary Laws.

Border patrol agents are refusing to hand over illegal immigrants with felony warrants to police in California because they can’t be sure local authorities will return the criminal aliens to federal custody, according to a top border security official in San Diego.

Rodney Scott, the chief patrol agent in the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector, said earlier this month that California’s statewide sanctuary law was undermining normal cooperation between his agency and local law enforcement.

In a little-reported declaration in support of the Department of Justice’s March 6 lawsuit against California, Scott recalled multiple instances in which a Border Patrol agent in the San Diego sector determined that releasing a criminal alien to a local law enforcement would likely result in the person being released without notification to federal authorities.

“In each instance, the Border Patrol Agent determined it was not appropriate, consistent with his or her federal responsibilities to ensure the enforcement of immigration law, to release a criminal alien to the state and local law enforcement,” Scott said in a court declaration. “This was because, although the alien was subject to removal, if released to California law enforcement, the alien would ultimately be released into the public.”  read more

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  1. The gift of chaos Obama has bequithed to the nation. Federal being ignored by the states. Now we have counties ignoring state law. The unintended consequences of that actually could do more good than harm, wouldn’t that be funny.

    As for the word cloud “i don’t think therefore I’m a democrat”.

  2. The only reason Cal. is pissed at federal agents is because the Fuck*d up state of California would be more than happy to release the fuckin* criminal back into the general public.
    It’s inconceivable the voters of califor. fail to see how fuc*ed up their leaders are.

    Holy Shit….no wonder I drink.

  3. Perhaps we could ask CA to secede and take no subsequent action? (My apologies to Brad and others of “the family” who still live there)

  4. Jerry Brown can ‘think’ anything he chooses. But as Governor, he is duty-bound to obey and execute the Law. When he chooses not to, he should either be charged with that crime, and/or removed from office.
    He does not possess the privilege of being Governor any other way. Remove him and every renegade state legislator too, it’s just that simple.
    That’ll certainly lead to a big dust up in the near term, but no other solution is proper. CA has had 3 crap governors in a row. Californians likely await Brown’s deserved incarceration.

  5. Why waste resources and money releasing criminals to California officials just to have to go back in a week to risk capturing them all over again and more risk to actual Americans trying to have normal lives. Spin loop law enforcement clowns. Another example of your tax dollars being flushed by people you voted for who implied that they knew how to do the job. How’s that working out for you, fool.

  6. Yep – 2 can play!

    2nd Amendment trumps CA’s dumbassed gun laws – Class III/NFA items, full capacity magazines, and NO MORE Sarah Brady BUTTHOLE stocks for EVERYONE (legally allowed to own them, that is)!!! 😀


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