I Guess the Daily Krotch Will Applaud This Lynching

Right on cue (I love how life works out so that we can continually point and ridicule the left for the dolts they are), and on the heels of this Daily Kos OUTRAGE, a rapper has released a video where he lynches a pre-adolescent white boy.

15 Comments on I Guess the Daily Krotch Will Applaud This Lynching

  1. Oh great. What an azzhole. I guess this means I could make a video of me lynching a young negro and it would be acceptable to the left, blacks and the media. No wonder black amerikans never get ahead. The can’t put down their hate and want to live a life long pity party.

  2. Maybe it’s time that YouTube was taken down. I wonder where Anonymous isÉ As of about a minute ago the video was still up and had over 5 million plays.

  3. They hate us so much. Personally, I prefer to not be around them and avoid places and situations where they are. But, they want to see us dead. They go out of their way to prey on us. Who’s the real racist here?

  4. So now they’ve moved on to lynchings as their shock meme for social justice.

    I pray the depraved don’t draw inspiration from this and decide to exact what they believe is long over due justice on the innocent, but I expect the worst before the year is out.

  5. Oh, come on! Racism is funny, yo!

    Well, racism against white folkkkes, that is …

    Knock Out, Lootin, Burnin, Robbin, Rapin, Murderin, yo yo yo! All jus fun and games, yo!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I wonder if they’ll ever learn that a ratio of about 1 to 8 isn’t going to work out really well for them when they finally push too far. Pity.

    Radical racial terrorism, anyone?

  7. @really enraged, yep, white people don’t use the box grip, raise the weapon for Lew Alcindor to sight, don’t throw the bullets.
    Imagine the Chitcargo murder rate if Progs could shoot.

  8. All the shiteating commie fucktard white kids that hate white people so much, what are they going do, applaud becoming Channon Christian or Christopher Newsom?

  9. Kinda torn here. It’s important for people to see this. Yet for some reason, the video is still monetized. That means the person who is clearly a black-bean-said-in-Spanish-without-the-bean has violated YouTube terms of use and are wholly disinterested in putting a stop to this. It’s sad that the only way to increase awareness to this depravity also lines their pockets.

  10. Monetization on Youtube has been re-done.

    Views alone won’t get you anything.

    Lots of likes and comments will.

    That’s why you hear the plea to do those things every time now.

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