I guess this counts as being woke, no?

Black police officer leaves the left because he’s been awakened.

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  1. My family is Irish Catholic and predisposed to voting Democrat, if it is an Irish “Catholic” Democrat they will brook no criticism. For whatever reason, neither my brother nor I were infected with the insidious tribalism most Irish Catholics and “Catholics” wear as a badge of honor. I know full well what the fucking morons are capable of, my ancestors were Irish gentry who gave of their lives and their treasure to assist the run of the mill example of their fellow countrymen and ended up in the Britisn Gauls on more than a few occasions. They may have been fucking idiots, but they most certainly did not deserve to suffer under what the British were imposing on them… but that does not translate to them being endowed with the least bit of wisdom or common sense, not to mention morality, when it comes to governance.

    Not that there have not been outstanding examples of Irish politicians who rank among the greats, but by and large they are not fit to govern and such a distinction while not being a disqualifier most certainly does not carry any water in my case.

    I would now want to live under the rule of 95% of the moronic bastards.

  2. PragerU does such good work, both them and Young America’s Foundation are worthy of your charitable dollars.

    I get the feeling this is an older video, him mentioning Obama. The collective enmity pointed at the police (much of it well deserved) has increased 10 fold since the community organizer and his husband were in the WH.

  3. Both sides are wrong. It is them against us! We are the ones they try to divide so they can conquer and continue to rule over us. Does Lyndsey Graham care about you? Does Ron DeSantis actually care or is he controlled opposition? As Lin Wood said, the litmus test should be whether they’re willing to demand a full forensic audit in their state or not.

  4. @JD Hasty: We must come from the same big Irish Catholic family!

    These habits are hard to break and they run deep in our politics, our religion, and our culture. I was talking about such things with a black priest friend of ours a few years back and he asked me how, as a woman, could I not support ordaining women to the priesthood. “How, as a black man, can you ask me that?”
    I said, “I don’t think you all look alike. Why do you assume we all think alike?” Sometimes it’s the most woke who make the dumbest assumptions about their perceived allies or antagonists.

    Sadly, my Irish Catholic grandparents would not recognize either their political party or their church today. I left the party decades ago and am hanging on to my faith in spite of their church.

  5. “…the litmus test should be whether they’re willing to demand a full forensic audit in their state or not.”

    Screw the audits. Waste of time and resources on the last war. That’s the takeaway from Arizona. We knew they cheated, and they knew they cheated. The best that can be said is that now we know all the many splendored ways in which they cheated.

    The crooks don’t give a shit what gets found out in an audit. 95% of it will never make the news. The litmus test is whether or not the states pass tough election integrity legislation and watch the vote-counting like a hawk. Do that, and the crooks holler bloody murder.

    And while you’ve got one eye on tou Senators and Governor, keep the other eye on who’s being pimped for your Secretary of State

  6. @ Little Morphin’ Annie SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 AT 4:00 PM

    I am 100% Catholic. My mother damn near ran the family car up a phone pole when I said Arch Bishop Raymond Hunthausen is a crackpot and more likely than not a heretic. She thought that I had damned the entire family to hell with that true statement.

    FYI, PJW has an outstanding video that came out to subscribers to his channel today. I’ll see if it has ben put up for general release yet and will post the link when it does go out.

    I have ben saying for decades about the Bishops in general what he says in his video. Which is entirely consistent with what everyone else knew and most were afraid to say. It is Catholics who have been at the point of the spear and “catholics,” and the infiltrators they have supported, who are responsible for this destruction of The Church from within.

    PJW- The Work of the Devil

  7. I just wonder how the Republican got such a bad rap. Lincoln was Republican, I think MLK was Republican. They fought for civil rights. I guess the Republicans followed the George Bush premise of political fighting – no matter what the lies are, don’t defend yourself.

  8. Learning to go against ones world view is extremely difficult and requires a complete disconnect. God bless this man and all who embrace critical thinking.

  9. Thirdtwin, I don’t think we can move forward until we expose and resolve what happened in 2020. The dead body lying in the street last November needs to be investigated and not left to rot in hopes of saving the next victim. There is an illegitimate government running (ruining) our country everyday. I don’t think waiting until 2022 is not an option. Australia is here now!

  10. @JD Hasty: Well, that video didn’t cheer me up. Or surprise me. It was on point though.

    Overall, I find the whole church organization rather a mess, but I do know some fine Catholics –even among the clergy. I still have hope. And I still think a world without the Catholic Church would be much worse than one with a very flawed Catholic Church –even if my flawed soul can’t always find more joy in it than cynicism.

    A couple of smaller blogs I like that muse on the church, culture and politics, while still living life rather than making a living at blogging: dymphnaroad.blogspot.com and NonVeniPacem.com. Both worth following if you don’t already.

  11. Maybe there is nothing an audit can do for the last election, but it will send a strong message that we will be watching the next election and will act accordingly if officials don’t take care of things properly.

    Maybe we should set up a time every week where everyone shouts out their window “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. And f**k Joe Biden.”

    Speaking of which, I wonder when someone is going to introduce a bill in Congress making it illegal to say “f**k Joe Biden” because of national security concerns or some such garbage.


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