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I Guess This Post Has To Happen

My Robin Williams post uncorked a few people to drop their fav and not so fav comedians in the comments.

Drop the names of 3 comedians you enjoy that you don’t think receive the recognition they should. (And then you can name three that suck… lol.)

My fav not so popular comedians are:

Nate Bargatze

Joe List

Gary Gulman

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  1. Lets get this out of the way up front.

    Does anyone actually find Democrat women “comedians” like Chelsea Handler or Kathy Griffin humorously funny?

    I don’t understand why they are considered “Comedians” at all.

  2. Pryor
    Carlin (He was right all along)

  3. Faves: Trey Kennedy
    Matt Mitchell
    I can’t think of a 3rd

    Sucky ones: Eh, all the ones that I think suck donkey balls, are already (unfortunately), known entities.

  4. I like Dave Chappelle, Flip Wilson, Johnny Carson.

    Least favorite: Eddie Murphy (Delirious was vulgar, we walked out).

    The fun has been taken out of stand-up comedians. They’re afraid to speak out and say what they really think. They tried to shut Chappelle up.

  5. Red Skelton, George Carlin,
    Steven Wright.
    The woke movement has made comedy suck.

  6. Barney the dinosuar is the greatist singer ever ………..
    AN a good funny commmedian.

  7. That ventriloquist guy is funny.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Different Tim MARCH 18, 2023 AT 2:13 PM
    “Red Skelton, George Carlin,
    Steven Wright.
    The woke movement has made comedy suck.”

    The first casualty of Communism is humor.

    Nothing can be funny unless the Committe SAYS it is.

    And a lack of a sense of humor is a sign of mental illness.

    As you may have noticed among Democrats.

  9. The Three Stooges
    Key & Peele
    The Wayans Brothers

  10. George Carlin started out funny then, later in life, turned into another angry old hippie.

  11. Three Stooges.
    Bud and Lou.
    Laurel and Hardy.
    Putin and Zelenskyy.
    Biden and Harris.
    Garland and Wray.

    Lotsa clowns out there …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Anthony Jeselnik, Mitch Hedberg, Larry the Cable Guy. As well as the ones listed above. I have a pretty eclectic taste.

  13. Buddy Hackett was very interesting. He did a clean sort of funny for his movie roles ranging from “Herbie The Love Bug” and the voice of the seagull in “The Little Mermaid” where he’d say things that wouldn’t be funny from someone else like ‘Ya got an aesthetically-pleasing configuration of hair that humans go nuts over’, but that just made it all the more jarring when he took the microphone in an HBO comedy special and started a joke with “Two fags were fucking a dead alligator on a bus”.

    I think both worked for him, and for the same reason; the way he looked and used his face combined with his delivery just made everything fat-guy funny.

    Speaking of fat guy funny, I really liked Sam Kinison. He cut right through the bullshit every single time, and was hilarious as hell doing it. But he did say ONE thing that probably wasn’t a good idea.
    In one routine he was pretending to be an aid worker in a starving country, and screamed at the people, “HOW ABOUT WE TAKE YOU WHERE THE FOOD IS”? Well, they seem to have done that since he passed, and I don’t think its working out so great, but other than that, if you have a tolerance for crude and loud and quite a bit of cursing, he’s one of the funniest comedians you’ll ever hear.

    And if you want clean comedy with satirical songs, check out Heywood Banks. He’s probably too regional for most of you unless you listen to the national Bob And Tom radio show, but his songs will have you in stitches, with nothing he says that isn’t FCC compliant.

  14. Nobody holds a candle to my three; John Pinette, Jackie Gleason, and John Belushi, yeah, fat white guys rock.

  15. Jeff Dunham (Dead Terrorist), Rodney Dangerfield, Buddy Hackett.
    Worst; Sienfeld, Williams and a hundred others.

  16. Another fat white guy….Louie Anderson….

    Ron White aka Tater Salad is a favorite…

  17. My favorite is Brian Regan.

    Sinbad and George Lopez suck.

    Most overrated (and I may get crap for this) Cheech and Chong.

  18. Jamie Lissow is a new favorite for me.
    Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield owned the Tonight Show back in the day.

  19. Worst: Lilly Singh – not even a grin
    Patrice O’neal – Too filthy for IOTW

  20. Bill Burr
    Brian Regan
    Norm McDonald

  21. I find few women funny comedians but Leann Morgan is really funny. No vulgarity, no politics, just a Deep South mom and her stories are great with excellent timing

  22. Sam Kinison
    Bill Burr
    George Carlin

    These guys suck ass.

    Louis Anderson
    Emo Phillips
    Bobcat Goldthwait. He might have said some funny stuff but I could never get passed his most annoying voice for a stand up comic EVAH.

  23. “past” WHOOPSIE!

    P.S. I saw Sam Kinison, 6 rows back. NOTHING will top that nuclear blast.

  24. Jack Benny, Stan Freberg and all the crazies from Firesign Theater. And then there’s Monty Python. And the best of all pure slapstick comedian ever was Buster Keaton, he could do it all.

  25. @SNS
    In the 1980s we had relatives from a Soviet-occupied country visit for 3 weeks. (They had the right connections but were not Commies.) Watching TV they marveled at all the laughing… said that we laugh a lot here, in general. They had nothing to laugh about where they lived.

  26. I also need to put in a good word for Leslie Nielson in the Police Squad movies and in Airplane as well. Peter Sellers also deserves a mention and Jonathan Winters too.

  27. John Candy as a skit comedian, not stand-up, and his movies were just so-so. But his chubby face and crooked grin were enough to make me laugh. He was born to be a comedian.

  28. I’ll second John Candy, he was hilarious on SCTV which I think was far funnier than Saturday Night Live back in the day. It was must see TV late on Friday nights for my wife and I and some good friends in the late 70’s and early 80’s when we could still stay up late and before we all had kids.

  29. Always, Norm MacDonald.
    Brian Regan makes me laugh and so does Bill Burr.

    We saw Eddie Izzard years ago. He wore black eyeliner and stiletto boots and hadn’t fully gone all transvestite or whatever he is doing now. It was the absolute funniest show.

    Eddie Murphy, Raw. So there’s swearing. It’s effin hilarious.

    I don’t find many female comedians that funny. Sarah Silverman is overrated and her schtick is to be offensive and gross.

    Leanne Morgan is a female comedian I stumble upon on YouTube recently. She is pretty funny. Southern down home humor about marriage and kids and food with a twist of being in your 50’s and menopausal. LOL

  30. Billy Connolly
    Dave Allen
    The Two Ronnies

  31. Favorite at the moment – Sebastian Maniscalco

    Least – Sarah Silverman, Lewis Black, Amy Schumer, Steven Wright, Patton Oswalt, Dane Cook, Rita Rudner, Kathy Griffin…hell, the list can go on for days.

  32. headed to Atlanta tonight to see Jo Koy who is pretty good though a bit raunchy for my taste.

    also like Brad Stien
    and I like James Gaffagans comedy (politically he is a moron)

  33. Hilda Matilda
    MARCH 18, 2023 AT 4:16 PM

    …here’s a joke that your Soviet friend would get.

    “I saw the most unlikely thing happen in America”, said a Russian man to his wife.

    “What was that?”, she asked.

    “At a party, my host opened a bottle of vodka and poured some out for him and me.”

    “Why was that strange?”, she asked.

    “Because when he had poured, HE PUT THE TOP BACK ON THE BOTTLE.’

  34. @mrs radiomattm
    Not sure if you ever heard the pub tale about a christmas letter to santa about a bike? Anyway, it happened in the same place where there were two ronnies and they too had a claim to fame. They were in their late 70s, brothers, and had lived in that village their entire lives. Their claim to fame was that they had never gone more than about 50 miles away from that pub in their entire lives. I believed them. Two Ronnies talking about Football over Pints. Good Times.

  35. @Jerry Mandarin

    I saw Kinnison in a comedy club on a Thursday night in 1983 .. right before he exploded onto the scene. There were no more than 40 people there, so I was a table right at the stage. And I had NO IDEA what was about to take place

    And when you saw him that close, he seemed like someone suddenly throwing an epileptic fit. It was an incredible sight and half the audience didnt know how to react. This was before it was understood that he was the funniest thing going. I instantly grokked him, thought, “This guy is an absolute original!”

    But some asshole right behind me started heckling and disrupting his timing so Sam destroyed him in a way Ive never seen before. So the asshole’s girlfriend bitches at him and Sam eviscerates her .. and now every woman in the club is pissed at him!!

    But Sam was a pro and worked his way out of the jam. At the end of the set, he says to the audience, “You know you good folks and me got off to a rough start, but things worked out, so I think I’d like to buy every one of you a round ….. of LEPER PISS!! You think I’ve FORGIVEN YOU (laughs maniacally) You think I’ve forgotten HOW YOU TREATED ME!! …

  36. George Carlin
    Sam, of course
    Norm McDonald
    Firesign Theater (Before whatever drugs they took fried their brains)

  37. I never understood the attraction of comedians where people laugh not because of what was said, but the fact that it was said. Those are most of the foul-mouthed ones. I saw Buddy Hackett on HBO once. Way over the top. I have heard that Bob Newhart live is nothing like Bob Newhart on TV.

    We did enjoy watching Michael McIntyre videos for a bit then we got tired of him. He is one of those comedians who laughs at his own jokes. Once in a while is one thing but he could barely get through two consecutive sentences without laughing.

    I have a warm spot in my heart for Bill Cosby routines from the ‘60’s. Funny. Wholesome. Everyone could relate to them. Sometimes I wonder if I should feel guilty about it. Then I think about how no one had a problem with him until he strayed off the plantation.

  38. IMO there is too much ‘stupid comedy’, I prefer comics that make fun of the truth.

  39. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:

    Greg Morton eg: (h tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0IwE5ofZAM)
    Sam Kinnison
    Ron White

    On any other days…(Well,you only asked for three)

  40. I recorded his 85 HBO Special on Tape.
    I know the Two Ronnies and Friends watched it at some point around 91 or 92. Would have been close to the winter Santa got a letter about a missing bike.
    About a year later he had the car accident IIRC.

  41. Democrat female comedians are not there to be funny. They’re there to spread propaganda. Now, if they were funny, we’d all be in gulags. Thank God they’re not.

    Funniest modern comedians: Dave Chappelle and Bill Bar. Bill Mahr has the talent to be very funny, but he’s too busy acting like a female comedian.

  42. Back in the day
    TVs had tubes
    You could not display a UK recorded Video Signal on an American TV Signal Tuned Tube. You however could display a US recorded Video Signal on UK TV. It would be in black and white and roll. You could fix the roll by adjusting the V-Hold pot to steady however you would not hear any audio unless you piped out the L-R RCA from the deck to portable boombox player that was multi-voltage supplied and accepted L-R RCA Inputs.

    That is how an NTSC VHS Tape can be displayed on an old-school 220 Volt Mains P.A.L. TV without a GenLock Time Based Corrector unit that was heavily advertised and wanted but unaffordable as a VHS Camera was consuming all available layaway limitors along with the RGB Color Cartridge that could take (make with lots of CPU Time) color pictures with a black and white photo camera, and an Amiga Chipset also capable of 1400 bauds of bandwidth for telephonic transmissions and 2600 frequency register shifters were still in play in some parts as were a nickle gets 20p credit red telephone boxes, one directly behind the house. Yup, Good Times.

  43. Favorites:
    1) Jackie Gleason
    2) Red Skelton
    3) Jimmy Durante

    Least Favorites
    1) All
    2) The
    3) Rest

  44. Brian Regan
    Norm McDonald
    Rodney Dangerfield
    Your right Mrs. Radiomattm, the Two Ronnies (from the UK) were great. Everyone should check them out.

  45. Steve Martin did some pretty funny standup when he was starting out. Marty Feldman always made me laugh.

  46. PAL Talk March 18, 2023 at 10:11 pm –

    Electrical power mains in UK are 50 Hz, in US 60 Hz.

  47. Dr. Hambone, check out Dave Allen also (if you haven’t already).

  48. Cosby
    Chris Rock
    Charlie Callas/Pete Barbutti/Milt Kamen

    Never liked

    Robin Williams (made Mork good, but that’s it)
    Dom De Luise
    Norm McDonald

  49. Stand-up current

    Dave Chappelle
    Larry the Cable Guy
    Emo Phillips

    Never listened long enough to get their names.

  50. Kathleen Madigan
    Rita Rudner
    Two of the funniest women ever!D

  51. @Rich Taylor March 18, 2023 at 2:42 pm

    Nobody holds a candle to my three; John Pinette, Jackie Gleason, and John Belushi, yeah, fat white guys rock:

    I love John Pinette. He does the best ever Chinese buffet routine. Sometimes we use his line “you go home now, you been here 4 hour. Cracks me up every time.

    I also like the 3 Stooges. I have found hidden gems in their routines that I missed as a kid. No wonder we were glued to the TV as kids when they were on.

  52. “Comedians” is a broad category, stand up comedians are a breed of their own. Hard to limit it to three choices and since many I would have selected have already been named I will go with three that have not been mentioned yet.

    Saw Howie Mandell when he was just starting out in ’82, absolutely hilarious.

    Also caught Jay Leno’s act before he landed the tonight show gig. Most I’ve ever laughed without a scintilla of vulgarity.

    Roseann Barr, literally a housewife, err domestic goddess, who looked at everyday life and turned it into a fortune.

  53. A couple of oldies need mentioning. The Marx Brothers. Groucho had more longevity but I love the old movies with the group, Doup Soup, Horse Feathers. TCM has them on occasion and I always give them a look.

    Charlie Chaplin. For over a decade, he was the most famous man in the world. For some, it is hard to grade or appreciate comedic chops in the silent film era, but his timing, his deadpan, and his pratfalls, always elicited the exact emotions and laughter he was aiming for.

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