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I have seen some cloyingly stupid leftist propaganda before – nothing like this

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. Are we sure this isn’t satire? Sure seems like it to me.

  2. A dumber See You Next Tuesday I have never before seen… and that is really saying something.

  3. That’s a super useful idiot; not even a plain old useful idiot. I’m glad there were subtitles because I suspected it would be even more stupid if I had to listen to her.

  4. Is there a super secret ending in this. I really tried to watch to the end, I did get to 45 seconds.

  5. So emblematic of the left; lip syncing (needs phony manipulation), and so easily duped. Silly girl, the vaccine won’t open anything up, why do you think Faucci is still triple masking? When the economy is sufficiently ruined, the autocrats get all their emergency powers enacted and all the naysayers, those that still cherish their civil liberties are forced into re-education camps, that’s is when you will be “allowed” to visit with your friends and see grandma.

  6. Thinking Mendocino County purple bud, laced with PCP…. But that’s just a guess…

  7. @Joe6pak, don’t waste precious brain cells; it’s nauseating vapidity from start to finish


    RUN for your LIFE!!! 😮 😮 😮

  9. Sorry Rich….thought you supplying alternative lyrics so I ‘sung’ your post in my head.

  10. You KNOW this dumb bint has a young boy who she’s forcing to wear a dress.

  11. Liberals would see it as inspiring, normal people would see it as SATIRE! Not very good satire, but satire all the same.

  12. In Soviet Union we say, “Poor bastage of Husband with wife of crazyness propaganda and no Vodka in house for help sleep.

  13. A parody. gotta be…nobody can be as dumb as that…can they?

  14. I think I would prefer living in lockdown than living in her world….

  15. I hope she was paid to do that. and not that she actually believed what she was singing.

  16. Hello Mr. R. I hope you found Arizona pleasant and that you were able to indeed, shoot something.

  17. This joke of an administration is literally doing the opposite of nearly everything she sang about. Just wow.

  18. Burn Loot Murder lawn sign at the 1:39 mark. And she tells you what is competent. pffft.

  19. She would boil your child’s rabbit then come at you with a kitchen knife.

  20. @ TimBuku: Not so sure that’s satire/parody – at least it wouldn’t be here. Nolackaloonies is a nice place to live once you get past the smug but there are plenty here who would accept that “woman” as a guru. The local rag publishes only lefty cant and is full of their letters and opinions.

  21. How do people go through life being like her? She’s as numb as a hammered thumb, I bet she would be hard pressed to sit and chew gum, let alone walk while doing it.

  22. Burr: Didn’t shoot anything, but looked at a lot of high-priced real estate. Your advice helped in our search. Will need to return to continue the search.

  23. Where are you looking?

    And separately, what are your requirements? (need to be near relatives and/or work, desirability of neighbors, environment, desert, mountain, …desert, etc.)

  24. I wonder what they rejected in favor of this dreck.

  25. That stuff there will lower your iq. How did she escspe the mental ward. She needs medication

  26. I got about 5 seconds in before I had to shut it off. It was hurting my brain.

  27. TimBuktu MARCH 23, 2021 AT 11:28 PM

    A parody. gotta be…nobody can be as dumb as that…can they?

    Oh, but they can be and are.

    Timbuktu just happened to be one of the lucky ones without this retardation in his life on a daily basis. But they are everywhere and it is about to effect his life and the lives of his loved ones – dramatically.

  28. Not parody!
    I went to the site.
    It’s lefty women claiming they are solving the world’s problems while drinking wine and wearing t shirts that say things like, “Kamala Mommala”.

    They really are that dumb.

    I’m wondering if Disney will sue them or send a cease and desist order over using that Little Mermaid song to write that stooooopid garbage.

  29. If $1400 is going to make that big a difference in that neighborhood you’d better sell that big house before you lose it.

  30. I just want to know one thing….Who put the pod underneath her bed?

  31. If it’s satire, it makes sense. Can’t believe that propagandists could find a liberal without eye bags. That’s a tell.

  32. She’s pumped full of drugs for depression as well, she’s really a man so she’s going to hell, she’s so amazed of what’s in the bill must be all free stuff her logic is bill, she doesn’t know that someday we’ll pay liberals minds just don’t function that way. Etc……

  33. I’d like to nominate this for the next round of sh*tty songs.

    PS, the Prancercise video is even better than this.

  34. I think it is satire too. If not, it looks like she spent the stimulus money on new boobs

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