I Heard That People Gossip For Nearly An Hour A Day (But You Didn’t Get That From Me)

Washington Times

People engage in verbal gossip about 52 minutes a day, with women and men generally dishing the same amount of dirt, and richer and poorer folks equally airing others’ dirty laundry, according to a study.

Although idle chatter is commonly seen as negative, the study adds to a growing body of psychological research that has examined gossip’s broader social functions, including how society deals with anxieties and uncertainties. More

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  1. All the women I know tell all the women they know who tell all the women they know that they aren’t gossips. How can you argue with that? And I never tell my friends anything I don’t want their wives to know.

  2. Our modes of communication through time
    Tell a woman
    And I don’t gossip! I just broker in juicy information.

  3. I’m guessing there is a rather large difference between what women gossip about and what men “gossip” about.

    One is the thing that shows up in the newspaper gossip columns and the other is the kind of thing that decides elections, the fate of nations, and directs future of humanity.

  4. Farmers and ranchers are pretty bad about gossip. They all want to come by and talk about all the stupid stuff the other ranchers and farmers are doing.

    “You see his tractor? He doesn’t need a 100hp tractor!”

    “He cuts his fields with a finish mower, what a dipstick!”

    “His wife…”

    “His children…”

    I keep the gate locked now. I haven’t had to listen to any of that shit in over a year.

  5. So, what’s wrong with gossiping? How else am I going to learn the dirt and who and what to look out for? It’s information IF true. Kinda like a woman I know who is on opioids and will say and do anything to get them. Is it gossip if you tell a friend who just had knee and hip surgery that she’ll come asking for your pain meds? I call it useful information. DH calls it gossip. I call it “I got your back.”

  6. Amazed that is just now coming out,,,
    How has CNN been getting away with it 24/7 for decades?
    Oh, The Washington Times,,
    got it!


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