‘I identify as a shape-shifting reptile, and I demand a window seat.’

United Airlines now offers ‘non-binary gender’ booking — and even the title ‘Mx.’ Reactions are a tad sarcastic.

20 Comments on ‘I identify as a shape-shifting reptile, and I demand a window seat.’

  1. Obviously normal people are entering the retirement age and being replaced by college graduates from more recent times. By the time companies figure out the problems associated with this its going to be too late.

  2. Why? Is there gender based seating? Are the restrooms now going to be assigned by gender usage? What the hell difference will gender make to passengers on a plane. Boarding passes gender colored? WHAT? Talk about pandering. Useless virtue signaling. What the hell differece does gender make in a plane. Certain genders get more leg room? WHAT!

  3. Mighty Moko – the restrooms will be full when they start putting these Rectums where they belong!

    “I identify as a plaid flannel shirt-wearing, Trans-Siberian Husky with a loud vagina that like to monologue”
    “Yer a Rectum. To the restroom with you”

  4. … that and at the end of the flight the announcement:
    “At this time, fasten your seat belts and make sure your Hostess is in her full upright position”

  5. Untied has been BK for how long? Going woke doesn’t matter if they go broke.

    I identify as not being identified.

  6. @TRF….HA!….that movie inspired me, so I dated a stewardess cuz she wuz a slut and we both knew it….

  7. I will never fly United. One of my kids was coming back from Tajikistan through NYC to a connecting flight on United with a three day pass to see me, customs was delayed for some reason, and even though he had been in the airport for more than an hour, United refused to seat him on his connecting flight because he “checked in” TWO MINUTES LATE. Busy holiday so he had to sit in Kennedy airport for 14 wasted hours. This is how they treat our military.

  8. janitor, my wife and I missed our own wedding thanks to Untied. 911 happened a few weeks later so all our bitching was washed away.

  9. What is not being openly discussed is that alleged gender denial is actually an expression of mental derangement, or the potential to be a dangerous psycho who is a risk to be allowed loose in society. Such a male has the potential to be a violent rapist when he is allowed to be in female only areas. There should be red flag laws enacted to have gender mental cases be arrested and put in appropriate institutions to have psychiatric treatment for gender derangement syndrome. Psychos are much more dangerous than gun owners. And who wants to be on a plane seated next to a sex psycho!

  10. Excellent. Very good news. THANK YOU! So grateful you want to suck up all the weird and crazy. Go for it! Personally, I will NEVER fly United. Top dogs hate their employees, unions hate their employers, none of the United employees from the front door of the airport to the back of the airplane act like they like or trust anyone. Really surprised they’re still in business. How many United employees were screwed out of their retirements?

  11. …airlines used to be something special…now it’s just a bus with wings…fly charter or drive, these people want to encourage the deranged to travel in close proximity to you for hours, and they KNOW you’re disarmed…

  12. Male stweardesses are all gay. United passengers are mostly not.

    So who thought up this stupid policy? Guess.

    Btw, tell united you need a seat next to a natural born woman under 140 pounds.

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