” I just asked Governor of VA if he wanted to condemn antifa as well as neo Nazi groups. He heard. Refused to answer.”

Breitbart: Gov. McAuliffe in Charlottesville ‘No Place in America’ for Alt-Right, Refuses to Condemn AntiFa.

Charlottesville, VA — The usually busy streets of the historic downtown of Charlottesville saw its tourists and locals substituted with heavily armed police and protesters this afternoon, following altercations which lasted from Friday night through to Saturday morning.

Originally billed as a protest in favour of free speech — alongside the disdain over the removal of Confederate statues in the city — the “alt-right” rally found itself transformed into a torch-wielding, Nazi-flag waving dereliction of American values — at least considering the publicity afforded to the event, and the behaviour of some of the rally’s attendees.

In brief, what transpired amounted to a disgusting and unwelcome throwback to segregationist ideas and rhetoric at a time when patriotic conservatism is gaining ground. While many media minutes and deliberations will be afforded to the fascistic right, almost none will be dedicated to the fascistic left.

Gun control supporter Governor Terry McAuliffe was whisked into a downtown building under massively armed police protection in the middle of the afternoon, via a small alleyway off Main Street. One female witness to the scene shouted, “Thank you for showing up!”

On Main Street, after the initial violence, hard leftists sang songs, re-purposing Lady Gaga’s hit song “Paparazzi” with the words “pop a Nazi”. One man told me he was told it was the “wrong day to be white in this town,” while the abandoned stores and bars sported signs that read: “We kindly ask to respect our policy to not bring weapons inside our restaurant or on our patio”.

In the mid afternoon — after protesters were run over by a car, leaving one dead — stick-wielding left-wing activists roamed the streets aimlessly in groups of four or five. One such group screamed: “F**k Donald Trump,” as a girl — clearly unrelated to either side — walked past them.  more

18 Comments on ” I just asked Governor of VA if he wanted to condemn antifa as well as neo Nazi groups. He heard. Refused to answer.”

  1. He’s no better than the RINOs and handwringing republican pols.
    Nobody’s loving the nazi’s but somehow they can’t seem to mention antifa and blm being some bastard racist criminals.

    Oh wait, Trump has called them ALL out. My, what a set of balls on that guy! Someone should run him for president! 😉

  2. Posted comment on another story but it belongs on this thread;

    This whole tragic, real life Kaboki theatre is probably the warp brain child of the VA. governor and his deep state cohorts. BLM, other Antifa are the instigators. They’re financed by deep state progressives. As for the Neo-Nazis, their puppet masters don’t fall far from a Soros like tree. All anarchists fear not gaining control by implementing lawlessness and chaos.
    So many moving parts in this incident, but eventually they will lead to the deep state.
    Of course, McAlliffe won’t make comments against BLM/Antifa, he’s a sponsor.

  3. It’s hard to believe that Gov. McAwful could be accused of any bias. He’s such a tried and true American who has served as a suck-up to Bill and Hilarious Clinton and wouldn’t dream of saying anything against any left wing prog-nuts out there.

    Such a sterling character must be beyond reproach as he is a buddy with such solid Americans as Ed Rendell.

  4. I actually watched a lot of the live feed footage from both Friday night and Saturday. And my take is that it is a total shit-show. It’s basically antifa/blm vs. anti-antifa. The latter being Trump supporters who are white supremacist/Jew hating idiots (not by Trump’s wanting). And the former are the far-left ideologues. There was nothing there representing what the typical visitor to this site would support.

  5. White Supremacists are no different than BLM or Antifa
    Some speech is more protected than others.
    People in large groups can go out of control fast.
    I avoid crowds for this reason.
    Having said that, they had a permit.
    It is not fair to shut them down because the folks who disagree wet their pants.
    The Soros backed little fuckers came to start fights. The compliant Deep State played their roll.
    The Fix is In
    Soros and his ilk need hung

  6. Soros/Clinton/Mcauliffe/Cnn sponsored and gave money to Unite the Right. They want this. They have scripted it. The left has always funded both sides of chaos.

    HL Hunt funded LBJ. HL Hunt funded both the Nation of Islam and the southern KKK and many politicians that sympathized with both groups back in the 40s, 50s and 60s. A Texas oil billionaire was supporting Eliar Momhammed and the NOI and helped make that old psycho rich.

    They want this chaos. They are creating it. They order it and pay for it. Its instigated by Soros and the left. Tell.the world. We are on to them.

  7. Great link, Wisco.
    Maybe some of our more backward keyboard warriors will take note of the actual play by play.
    Everyone’s a patriot till its time to do patriot stuff.
    God bless the real patriots who assembled in Charlottesville!

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