“I like the slogan, I like Donald Trump, and I like hats,”


Connor Mullen, a 16-year-old high school student, is being pressured for wearing a Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ hat to school.

The student reportedly claims a teacher mocked the hat, saying, “Thank God you can’t vote.”

Mullen also said other students have been bullying him for wearing it, but that he won’t stop sporting the cap because he supports Trump, whom he met at a campaign rally in March and who inspired him to either join the military or work in law enforcement.


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  1. I knew that would bite me in the ass. There are exceptions Menderman. I corrupted a young school teacher and introduced her to GUNS. Long story short she went and got her NRA cert. for teaching pistols and she specializes in teaching women. Met her through the gym, I’m the old dog there but damn it I’m the BIG old dog there. She had an epiphany. The truth shall set you free.

  2. I hold public office too. Means very little. Like a township offcial.
    No body wanted it so they gave it to me. Big woop.

  3. Other teachers should say they “learned by example” and same shaming on ghetto pants and homo t-shirts.

  4. Prov.

    People who are able to do something well can do that thing for a living, while people who are not able to do anything that well make a living by teaching.

  5. “a teacher mocked the hat, saying, “Thank God you can’t vote.”

    my reply back in my school days would have been,

    “your lucky because if I could, you would not be working here, asshole.”

    not now though, I would just stick my middle finger up.
    i have learned to go with the shock value because there’s no reasoning with stupid.

  6. This is, sadly, the town I live in.

    I emailed Ken Kunin, Superintendent, and pointed out Tinker vs Des Moines (1969)
    He said he is aware of that case and has told the staff to leave the kid alone and to stop any harassment by other students.

    This is not an unusual occurrence there.
    My kids HATED SPHS. I could probably write a book and not even tell all the horrible stories about our school system.

    There are a few good teachers. But only a few who are teaching because they love it.

  7. First of all, that slogan belongs to Ronald Reagan. Trump claims he came up with it, but he knows, as does just about everyone else, that Reagan did.
    Secondly, this is why they need to go back to strict dress codes or uniforms. kids to day are not bright enough to understand the difference between what is allowed and what is a right. Neither do a lot of adults.
    And no, I was never allowed to wear a hat at school except outside or in sports, and never ANYTHING with words or pictures on it.
    On the other hand, they expected us to focus on learning back then.

  8. It says he wore the hat to school not in school

    Reagans slogans were “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” and “It’s Morning Again in America”

    The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so. – Ronald Reagan. The same can be said of many Trump bashers.

  9. Aggie, you are probably a kid, so I will cut you some slack.
    I on the other hand was there, and lived it.
    What you posted were things he said, his campaign, on the other hand, had a slogan.
    I know, Trump stole it fair and square. My only beef is his claiming he made it up when he, like myself, lived through it.

  10. Thank you Gladys 🙂

    JohnS – There you go again. He said many great things,…”If you’re explaining, you’re losing.”…..you lose.

    But I’ll cut you some slack, I will not make age an issue, I am not going to exploit your lack of youth or what you misremember 😉

  11. I wasn’t explaining, I was backing up my statement with proof because when I don’t you call me a liar.
    I don’t expect you to admit you are wrong, maybe the issue comes from deterioration due to the other end of the age spectrum.

  12. All kidding aside, Trump trademarked the slogan in 2012 after Romney lost. His claim it was used by him first was about this election cycle, by the candidates. Both Cruz and Walker used the phrase as well. No one stole anyting. Trump was smart enough to make it his and his alone. Echoing Reagan is what republicans do, he stymied them on this one.

    The official slogans of the Reagan runs are what I posted above. Lets make America great again was just one of the many great things he said.

  13. Aggie, I linked proof of Reagans official slogan was. it was on his posters, buttons, advertising. I even own some of the stuff.
    Reagan believed in freedom. That is why he did not trademark it. His acts and words were gifts to us.
    If Trump really is trying to trademark Reagan’s slogan, that is unseemly greed.
    Somehow I doubt the trademark office would accept even Trump trademarking someone else’s work. I don’t think they have though, as is no ‘TM’ on his merchandise.

  14. From the article:

    “This is a beautiful problem to have in a school because it’s a chance to practice democracy,”

    No, this is not a chance to practice democracy, it is a chance to realize we are supposed to live in a constitutional republic.

    In a democracy, the majority would decide that the kid can’t say that and they would gather together and strip him of his rights.

    In a constitutional republic he has rights that the majority cannot take away.

    No wonder the schools are failing. Those in power are too stupid to see and know the difference between the form of government we are supposed to have and the one they think we should have.
    (and the one they think we should have is the one that would strip us of our rights).

  15. JohnS, no you didn’t. Why are you even arguing things you know so little about?

    You’re wrong on both counts.

  16. Aggie I looked it up. I was, as usual, right about why there is no “TM” on Trumps merchandise.
    His trademark only applies to ‘political action committee services’, meaning, that during the election his opponents can’t use the phrase.
    They slapped down his desire for a product trademark. He is however sending his lawyers (he has more of them than Washington DC has) to go after people that sell products with it.
    He also has filed another application using a different angle to try to get the trademark.
    Considering that Reagan products are still made today with the slogan this amounts to erasing Reagan from the public eye.
    Sounds real Republican of the guy, doesn’t it?

  17. JohnS, what’s wrong with you?

    You claimed:

    -There was no patent……WRONG
    -It would be denied…WRONG
    -Not on merchendise…WRONG (look it up, your irrational hate will grow ten fold)
    -It was an official slogan…WRONG (its a catch phrase, thank you Pres. Reagan)
    -Erasing Reagan from the public eye…..MORONIC
    -He claims he “invented” the catch phrase….WRONG
    -You were, as usual, right…WRONG
    -No trademake symbol…SILLINESS (not a requirement)

    Just how old were you in back then? 100?

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