‘I love Lou Dobbs” Tucker Carlson Exposes Joy Reid’s Old Blog Posts

Daily Caller: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported Wednesday that more old posts from Joy Reid’s blog were discovered, and the now-MSNBC host’s comments are very different from her current progressive persona.

“We just found an amazing series of old blog posts that as far as we can tell, have received basically no media attention,” The Daily Caller co-founder said.

“The person who wrote them looks in retrospect like a prophet calling for America First policies at least a decade before Donald Trump entered politics. In the days after Hurricane Katrina for example, the blogger in question suggested that native-born Americans, not ‘low-paid Mexican workers,’ ought to rebuild the City of New Orleans. In 2006, the blogger said this about her television viewing habits, ‘I love Lou Dobbs. His show has become required viewing around my house.’”  Watch

SNIP:  What excuse do you think Joy Reid will give for this?  🤣


7 Comments on ‘I love Lou Dobbs” Tucker Carlson Exposes Joy Reid’s Old Blog Posts

  1. Joy Reid: A Fopdoodle and deviousest

    A fopdoodle is someone of little significance. So if you’re letting someone get on your nerves that really shouldn’t have the power, remember that they’re just a fopdoodle. Then carry on.

    1. Someone who is more devious than everyone else.

  2. Morality sold to the highest bidder. She’s just another malleable puppet who put her convictions on the market in exchange for notoriety.

  3. Twas the night before Christmas and everyone wuz feeling Mary.
    (so Mary left)
    Then everyone jumped for Joy…
    and promptly threw up!
    That’s when we all went down to the corner gas station and pumped Ethyl.
    (Feeling a little gassy iz better than feeling regret)


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