I love seeing Swalwell get burned over and over and over

Does this guy ever get the hint that he is a goddamn dope?

What a Swalwell.

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  1. He’s where he is, I’m where I am, and you’re where you are.

    Think about it for a while, the Indians may bitch about their Chiefs, but they’re still the Indians and the Chiefs are still the Chiefs.

  2. Corey Lewandowski calling him President Swalwell was one of the greatest burns ever.

  3. Have you ever noticed that with some people, when you look in their eyes, you can actually see the stupid. That is Eric Swalwell.

  4. 1. Show up to vote
    2. Don’t support groups engaging in political violence
    3. Don’t be a Swalwell

  5. California gives us such outstanding congresscritters.
    Pelosi, Maxine, Swallwell, Schiff, Barbara Lee, and on and on.

    Devin Nunes being the exception.

  6. If you wanted to investigate voter fraud his district would be a good one to start in. Even though he reps part of Oakland, that district has historically been very conservative. And he’s an embarrassment. Makes no sense

  7. Mr Henry^
    You did not mention another exception, californias newest Republican congressman Mike Gonzales who won district 25

  8. Red Flag Danny calls out Eric the moron. They should arrange a fight to the death and finish this shit. We’d be the big winners.

  9. Looking at the pic of the “View” women – they’re all fat! I don’t own a TV, so when I see pics of fat people on a TV talk show, it makes me wonder. They don’t take care of themselves, they’re fat, and low self-esteem. I would be embarrassed to show up on TV looking like they do. Whoopi I bet has high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Has she blamed what she puts into her pie hole on whitey yet? /just observing

  10. He doesn’t get the hint because lefties have NO shame and no self-awareness. They lie, steal, cheat and murder to get what they want.


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