I Meet my First Obamacare Commissar

AmericanThinker: When ObamaCare was first promulgated, my fine HMO doctor called it quits. MDs who hate the New Medicine talk about it very quietly, if at all, and mostly among themselves. Shutting up the medical profession was the first order of business for the Left establishment, and they were duly scapegoated in the Fakestream Media.

Like most of you, I assumed that all those HIPAA forms they made me sign over the years actually meant what they said they meant. About medical privacy and such.

So, it came as a surprise to me when I called another doc’s office and a lisping Valley Girl who answered the phone demanded to know my private information. What were her qualifications, I asked? Didn’t I sign that darned HIPAA thing to protect my private medical info?

Valley Girl said nothing about any medical qualification, and she sounded like a fresh new graduate of the local high school or community college. But she insisted politely that I had no HIPAA protection in my medical phone call.

Then I called her manager, who agreed that I have no HIPAA protections in Obama’s Brave New World. I called my doc, who agreed I have no privacy protections left. Then I called a medical friend, who tells me she’s been complaining about that for six months.

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  1. For three years ObamaCare has said I wasn’t a U. S. citizen and I had fax them my birth certificate each year to get insurance. They never could tell me what other country I am supposed to be a citizen of.

  2. So, from the fine article, we are reminded that the medical privacy and security regulations, HIPAA, are being violated and rendered moot routinely by the regulatory commissars put in place to cut health care costs. The bureaucrats get to see your complete medical history in order to make sure you don’t cost the system too much. That’s not legal.

    But, if regular schmoes like you or me, especially if we are white males and /or not Democrats, violate HIPAA by misplacing a file or mishandling patient data, we would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    (I’ve signed the HIPAA forms, I administer a couple servers that handle patient data at a medical office.)

  3. Get the government out of healthcare completely.
    Let free market capitalistic insurance companies
    compete for policy holders.Then let NOTHING get in
    between you & Dr.Smith.There I fixed it.

  4. HIPAA was enacted to protect physicians, not the public. Beacuse of it you can’t find out who else was hurt by poor practice, thus eliminating the possibility of a class-action suit.

  5. That’s why the government forced inefficient and insecure electronic health records on doctors, even those in private practice, at great cost to them (and you).

    Its a gigantic data mining operation to collect your diagnosis and prescription information for every visit. It has nothing to do with taking care of patient’s, the electronic systems in some cases even interfere with care, especially in emergencies or the ICU


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