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I Need a Fact Check on Aisle Four, Please

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While doing some personal shopping, I took inventory of basic items (universal brands if the store had them), some of which were “on sale.” I documented each item’s regular price. Then, using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), I cross-referenced those prices with grocery costs during a comparable time in recent memory: the last midterms in 2018 under President Donald Trump — a year and a half into the presidency and during a time of strong political incentives to keep Americans happy.

I avoided produce, most of which the BLS doesn’t keep consistent records for and which has such a short shelf-life that prices vary widely. I did, however, check in on other essentials across a variety of categories: baking items such as flour and sugar, meat, eggs, cheese, and other staples such as bread and pasta. And let’s just say after running the numbers, an 8 percent increase would have been welcomed. The real hikes were insane. More

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  1. Outdoorjohn,
    That ain’t shit. I make $472/hr just for being born a Biden! Don’t do a fukkin thing ceptin eat, fuck, sleep, meth, and alcohol!

    So, fuck off, and GET ME SOME PARMESAN!

  2. Is anyone dumb enough to believe the Gov’t’s bullshit?
    Just go shopping!

    What Pedo Joetato’s saying is: “Who ya gonna b’lieve? Me, or your own lyin eyes?”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Under Trump’s presidency, $100 worth of groceries would be carried from the car in a couple of trips.
    Now, under Xiden, I fit that amount in one bag.

    FJB sideways

  4. Poor, hungry people are easier to control. If that doesn’t work, they will have 87,000 new personal gestapo to round up the non-compliant.
    See ya in the gulag.

  5. Don’t ask for a factcheck – factholes live in mommy’s basement & sponge off her – they’ll tell you higher prices are all in your imagination!

  6. ^^^^ soooo … who’s in charge, Einstein?

    typical … demonrats fuck it up & expect republicans to fix it … & then blame them


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