I need feminism because…

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  1. …maybe you should have a nice talk with it over a box lunch. Have a nice salad, too, but no dressing, just vinegar and water…

    …of course the talk might be a trifle one-sided, like a “monologue” of some kind, where you sit around talking about what you’re sitting on…

  2. “…and they say MEN think with their genitals…”

    I tell women that a lot when feminist topics come up. haha

  3. Always ask potential girlfriends.

    “How many babys has died in your vagina?”

    Abortion stats say it’s important. And it’s unwise to stick your dick in a graveyard.

    Unless thats your thing…

  4. Anonymous
    MAY 23, 2019 AT 1:47 AM
    “Always ask potential girlfriends.

    “How many babys has died in your vagina?”

    Abortion stats say it’s important. And it’s unwise to stick your dick in a graveyard.”

    You should ALSO never stick your dick in crazy, which would keep you away from chicks like this in the FIRST place…

  5. “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”
    Nuff’ said,,
    what your card say about you?

  6. If there are Vocal Cords formed somewhere in there maybe she is right about hearing something.

  7. She has the potential to be a world famous ventriloquist. As long as she keeps her clothing on, you will never see her lips move.

  8. It’s called a queef, girl.

    Your mental distemper just makes it seem like a voice – like those psychos who hear whispering when the wind blows.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I don’t know about that, but when I was stationed at Los Angles AFS in the 1970s, I remember seeing a stripper who could smoke a cigarette and blow smoke rings with hers to the tune “Something’s Burning I Think It’s Love”.

  10. …so, do you have to insert a tampon to get some peace at night? Is a Maxi-Pad tantamount to a gagging? Does it bleed because you have monthly gingivitis?

    …so many questions…

  11. Sorry Ms. Fugly, the Vagina Monologue thing has been done. Magic 8 Ball says “try again”

  12. MJA
    MAY 23, 2019 AT 8:45 AM
    “But can she play a kazoo?

    (You readers that have been here a while will get that one”

    … I apparently haven’t been, but I DID find a tantalizing clue…


    Menderman wrote the following:

    I nominate Claudia (that hot fox) to be the judge.

    Also, I will be glad to send Ginger a whistle so long as she can play it like a patriotic kazoo.

    Who remembers Ginger and the kazoo incident? But I digress.”


    …and, from that thread…

    JUNE 3, 2016 AT 11:40 PM
    “Where’s Doc? He has the Kazoo video. heh.”

    …now I’m intrigued. More, please…

  13. MJA
    MAY 23, 2019 AT 1:46 AM
    “…and they say MEN think with their genitals…”

    “I tell women that a lot when feminist topics come up. haha”

    …while the little head DOES lead in many situations, what it does can NOT be characterized as “thinking”. This is made manifest by the EXTREMELY poor choices it seems to make for the evening, which only become nakedly apparent in the cold light of day..


    Cute AND talented!

    But…even MORE questions…such as

    -how is she holding on to it? That’s a smooth, metal surface and the part with the reed has to stick OUT.

    -What does she put on her resume about this?

    -Does this mean you can have vaginal sex and a “hum job” AT THE SAME TIME?

    -Did she ever get kicked out of a talent show in high school? (And did teachers want to “discuss it privately” with her later?)

    -does her playlist include songs like “I Am Woman”?

    -Who TAUGHT her this? How? WHY? Do they offer lessons to the PUBIC?

    -Will this cause a rush of “Transwomen” to INSIST that Obamacare supply them with mechanical queeffing inserts so they, too, can sound like a REAL woman?

    -Does Bill Clinton have dibs on all kazoos after every performance?

    …such a can of worms you have opened…

  15. Joey Biden
    MAY 23, 2019 AT 9:24 AM
    “She needs peroxide more than she needs feminism …………”

    …on which end?

  16. Where is this talking vagina? I’d like to open up a dialogue with it. Because one thing I cant abide is a vagina monologue

  17. @Supernightshade

    Keep up the good work. Those are some of the best pussy puns I’ve ever come across

    You’re plumbing new depths in hilarity


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