I no longer recognize Minneapolis. I no longer want to live here.

College Fix:

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Minneapolis is my home. My happiest memories are here. It’s where I learned to ride a bike, had my first date, received my high school diploma.

But today, I’m too afraid to even walk in my neighborhood by myself.

The ACE Hardware down the street? The one that I used to bike to in the summer? Robbed twice in the past five days.

The Walgreens next to my elementary school? Molotov cocktail thrown into it.

The Lake Harriet Bandshell, where we spent countless Mother’s Days? Homeless encampment popped up next door.

These are the things you don’t read about in the news.

Ten minutes from my house, at 38th and Chicago, there is still an autonomous zone. Police are not allowed to enter. Residents have died because medical authorities couldn’t get through, and carjackers (of which there are MANY) will speed into the zone to escape officer pursuit.

My favorite dinner theater canceled its production of Cinderella because it was “too white.”

My church — my beloved, tiny, Lutheran church — organized social justice marches for our congregation while refusing to reinstate in-person services (they’re still virtual, by the way).

And how about the week of the 2020 riots? more here

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  1. What IS the democrat plan to control this monster they’ve created in democrat controlled cities??

  2. Minneapolis is the future, there is no will among the ruling class to change this so we just have to accept it and learn to live with it.

  3. I left Minnesota 44 years ago, almost to the day. I drove to Alaska as a 21 year old with dreams and never looked back. I’m so glad I did. I still have a few relatives back there, but I can’t feel sorry for them. DFLers their whole life and they got what they supported and voted for. A disaster.

  4. Will Among the ruling class?? Pfffffttt.

    When it finally gets bad enough the ruling class will stand back and watch us clean it up. However we see fit. This will happen about the same time the municipal police departments finally throw in the towel. All the pearl clutching from lefties about “vigilantism” will be hilariously ironic when the Real Shit finally hits the fan.

  5. He wants to know when did this happen, how did this happen.

    Water heats up for a good while before it “suddenly” boils.

    Go back to the Clinton administration and its importing of Somalis. Go back to the Clinton, Bush, Obama administrations and their exporting of middle class industry. Go back years and see what wokiedokie leftist crap was elected or otherwise elevated at the local level and in the schools…

    Minneapolis, of course, isn’t the only place this is happening to.

  6. It is a very difficult decision, but sometimes the best vote is the one you make with your feet. Politicians and SJWs are funny animals – they assume that no matter what they do, businesses will stay, law abiding citizens will not leave, and that their lunatic policies will have no effect on the tax base.

    My family made this decision a few years ago. After adjusting to our new area, we began to realize that this was a good decision. After a year of the China virus, lockdowns, leftist riots and insane politicians, we realied that our decision to leave was a great decision.

  7. I have a (now dead) leftist friend whose extremely libtard daughter moved to Minneapolis about 10 years ago. She married and had a little boy—the family is white to the extreme. I sure hope she’s suffering under the state of destruction in that city x1000. She has TDS and deserves the hounds of hell crashing down on her. Makes me sad for her deceased dad that I have such animosity towards her but she despises conservatives and deserves everything bad that she supports to affect her and her precious family.

  8. Starting to think there must be some place better than what America has become at the hands of the democrats.

  9. Hmmm … I wonder what changed?
    Don’t figure the city itself just went *POOF* do you?
    Streets are the same. Parks are the same. Buildings are the same. Concrete sidewalks are the same. Gutters are the same. Storm sewers are the same.
    It’s a real fukkin mystery!

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Satan’s finger touches beauty and turn it into decay.

    All current Demonrats are satanic minions. Their hatred of all if God’s creations is manifest in the actions and words from their putrid souls.

    They absolutely worship Lucifer and seek the destruction of all that is good and holy.

    This is what this person refuses to see or admit.

    The senile pedo was right about one thing we are in a war for the soul of our nation. Only he thinks the existential crisis is caused by those who resist his master the unholiest of angels.

  11. Left the Lutheran Church some time back because of their “wokeness”. Have a cousin who is a Lutheran pastor and one of the most vile, foul-mouthed, hateful people I know.

  12. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    My own little pied-à-terre didn’t fall as far – yet – but it didn’t have as far to fall, nor was it nearly famous enough to be destroyed professionally by Democrats as yours was. If I published the name, you’d still not know where it was.

    But destroyed by Democrats it was, nevertheless.

    …I moved into the house, my FIRST house that I purchased, back 22 years ago. We were young, didn’t have a ton of money, and didn’t have a lot of time because our landlord was selling our rental house in which I lived with my mother-in-law, relatively new wife, sister-in-law, and my baby nephew, and he wasn’t being reasonable about the price (which he didn’t get BTW, he would have done better to sell it directly to me for what it was worth which I COULD have done, but God didn’t want me there so it didn’t happen, and it was in a nacent gay rights city sewer neighborhood anyway but I digress), so time pressed. We DID look at a number of houses in my range, though. and this was, and IS, a REALLY nice house, really good for the money, but even THAT didn’t push us. We scouted the neighborhood which had a nearby “main” street with jewelry stores, hardware stores, mom-n-pop restaurants, banks, a barbershop and a beauty shop, and a couple of bars. Pretty OK, pretty chill, not a lot of trouble in its history, just a sleepy second-ring suburban neighborhood. We went to the bars even though we didn’t drink to see what was in there, and just the bubba type ebullient druken pool players were in evidence. The school was OK and we didn’t have our own kid but my sister-in-law liked what she saw, so we pulled the trigger and bought our little place in the sun.

    It was OK for a few years. We made some improvements. We hooked up to the neighborhood. We had a son, we had some deaths outside of our home, we had ups and downs, all the normal human stuff, but it was OK. I even purchased a brick with my deceased veteran father’s name and rank on it for the local veteran’s memorial, where they used to have services on Memorial day. Put down some roots like that. It was suburban, but managed to stay somewhat bucolic, at times even idyllic.

    Then the Democrats in the big city to the South decided they wanted the City land they had previously built The Projects were on, those well-known crime and poverty incubators, to build “market rate” condos on for themselves instead. Time to bus the criminals they made OUT.

    And WE were on the bus line.

    …So they blew the condos up and Section 8’d their denizens anywhere a bus went, which included our area. Conniving Democrat politican slumlords bought up houses in the area to get in on that governmen cheese that they had no intention of living around. The jewlrey stores and banks got tired of being robbed so they left. The barber shops turned into Kool Kuttz n Fadez shops, WAY more than the city would support, which were protected by Democrats as sacred gathering places for POCs, which apparently meant drug distribution outlets. THe hardware store was replaced by a urban trendz type establilshment, “smoke shops” that were open all night opened up, and immigrants of dubious legality started selling T-shirts to each other in the abandoned store fronts as the primary source of income.

    My house got a bad infestation of police tape as this was happening. I never knew which side of it would be unavailabe to me when I came home from work. One side had a murderer run through it who dropped his hat after killing one of the African immigrant T-shirt sellers (which I know more about because the Africans I work with were hunting the guy in a way that made it lucky the cops found him FIRST, but NM for now), another one where a jewlerly thief jumped BOTH of our 6 foot high fences to hide in my neighbor’s garage, and in the back, one of the bar folks beat another one of the bar folks to death just where I set the garbage out. Fittingly, one could argue.

    And the bars became shooting galleries.

    Both kinds.

    We armed up and stuck it out, though.

    …we pulled my son out of the local school when one female teacher started molesting male (5th grade) students, they distributed “Obama” fans to the kids for the ’08 elections, forgot WWII existed and taught Muslim African history instead, ostrcized him from basketball tryouts becuase he wasn’t Black, and for generally being such a woke problem even a decade ago that we had to have a lawyer to talk to his principle before we gave it up entirely and sent him elsewhere.

    We stuck it out for probably longer than we should have, mostly because we liked the house, had lots of happy memories there, liked our immediate neighbors, were close to some other family members, and simple inertia because house-hunting and moving SUCKS.

    But when they shot my car up the second time, it was time to go.

    It wasn’t even me in particular they were shooting at. Apparently some of the thugs up the street had an initiation ritual where they picked random streets and shot cars up on them for fun, so my neigbors got to join in the fun too. THey started the tradition with baseball bats on side mirrors one year, and when the cops didn’t do anything about it, got bolder. You know the story.

    And, as usual, the police took a report.

    …We moved to a relatively rural place. Now, when I hear gunfire, it’s someone shooting varmits, and not the 2 legged kind either. I don’t HAVE to carry my gun to take the trash out if I don’t want to becasue no one is having sex or selling drugs in the parking lot where the cans go, mostly because there’s no parking lot. My neighbors are great people, one of them even shovled the driveway for our new house before we closed on it so we could pull in easy the first time we were there, without even knowing us.

    We like it. A lot.

    But we’re finishing the sale of our old house. I walked through the now-empty shell and listend to the echoes of the last 2 decades of my life ring through them still. It’s still a very pretty place, we couldn’t do anything about the neighborhood but the house was kept up, and I am going to miss it a lot. We will be bidding our final adeus to our neighbor who built me a sidewalk once when I had knee surgery totally on his own, and even skim coated my porch after we left so we could sell our house easier, and would not accept pay for it. he’s one I’m going to miss for sure, and there’s lots of good still there besides.

    But Democrats ran us out. It wasn’t going to get better, as the first Black Lives Matter march down “main” street demonstrated. I had to do what I had to do, and when your family and your aging self are beset by enemies you need to go to defensible ground.

    And this was not defensible ground.

    I’m happy where I am, but I mourn the loss of what once was so good, that was destroyed by politicans with bad political ideas and worse policies. The fake president just seals the deal, there’s no calvary coming to save it, it’s ran by democrats itself who were busy votinng themselves more of my money when I took the opportunity away from them. It was a nice, safe place that was wrecked almost accidentally, mostly because they ruined people, then used the ruined people to take over a County while arrogatinng the best of the land they ruined them on to themselves. I can’t even blame the people, they are who the Democrats made them, and literally were never taught better. Yes, I would like to see them pay for crimes, even for shooting my car up of course, but I’m not sure that they even know the difference between wrong and fun now with only coddling Democrat politicans to tell them it’s just justifiable lashing out at a mean world.

    It’s the Democrats who wrecked them, and used them to wreck us.

    And it wasn’t an accident.

    …so it’s not just Seattle, Portland, New York, New Orleans, or any big city their wrecking. This was a small city in the middle of the heartland that STILL has a couple of horse ranches in it. This is complete and utter destruction, they mean to wreck this Country stem to stern, back to front, and have nothing but the violent and ignorant left in it to command as they please.

    …bills come due, though. Even to such vermin as those who now think they own us all.

    Depend on it.

    Absent the return of the Lord, history is cyclical, and the ending for them is not pretty at ALL.

    I only hope I’m still healthy enough to help extract payment when this all reaches its logical conclusion.


    I am not getting any younger though. I may have to bequeath vengance to my son.

    But vengence will be had, sooner or later. If not Man’s than certainly the Lord’s.

    …and I can hardly wait for either…

  13. We left Michigan 4 years ago. We left for the weather here in SW Florida. I am so glad that we are not living there now.

    We lived out in the country between Detroit and Flint. Describing our location as being between those two hotbeds of Democrat failure usually got a raised eyebrow as a response but it was semi-rural with nearly everybody on at least 2 1/2 acres. The township was pure red but the lefties were moving from the suburbs out our way and the handwriting was on the wall.

    We had a free circulation weekly newspaper. The lefties started a letter writing campaign that went on for months based upon them moving out to the “country” and now everybody and their brother was moving there ruining their peace and quiet. They wanted the gates shut and a padlock in place I guess.

    They didn’t know that when I moved there in 1978 that we had no traffic lights and only a few stop signs and that those were at major intersections. The lefties want progress unless it’s to their detriment.

  14. Well said, SNS. Your story has been repeated countless times all across America, including my little corner, which saw the beginning of the invasion over 30 years ago. And now I too am in the process of pulling up roots and looking for someplace to relocate to that still respects basic human rights. But as you said, it isn’t easy at our age .

  15. When did this happen? Well, things pivoted in 1973 when it became OK to kill babies. The feminist movement was the next huge catalyst bringing us where we are, today. The perversion of the education system followed and the welfare system kicked in after LBJ created it. It ain’t rocket science!

  16. “My church — my beloved, tiny, Lutheran church — organized social justice marches for our congregation…”

    …without speaking to denominational differences, I can tell you that these marches are a dangerous business even with the best of intentions.

    My little church was invited to do a “Prayer Walk” by another church that was organizing all the local churches in the largely Black community to do the same, many years before the current nonsense, memory says in the first years of the “Obama” administration. The community had a spate of violence it seemed, with shootings and stabbings and one such taking place just across from our sanctuary, but mostly on the other side of this town where it was notorious for drug activity. It was billed as a faith walk where all of the churches would march separately to a local community center, publically praying the whole time, until they reached the center at which they would unite in one voice and implore God to Stop The Violence.

    Sounds easy enough, and certainly a worthy cause, and since nothing is outside the reach of the Lord, it was very doable. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt for the neighborhood to have roving Christians praying and uniting despite their different labels (Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, etc) and showing the folks we were united by God and not ashamed to show it.

    Our congregation kind of stuck out because we were the most mixed-race one in a sea of mostly Black churches, but that was not an issue for us as we had worshiped in each other’s churches before, I had even played my bagpipes in an Apostolic church with permission of the pastor, so that wasn’t an issue, but it was to get awkward later.

    So we marched, and we prayed, and that part was good. My Pastor was quite loud and I was recently saved, so I was quite loud along with him, so much so that I assmume from the looks around us that people were hearing us, but I couldn’t hear everyone else because I had my volume and my Pastor’s filling my ears. We were protected and unmolested by “the community”, as it should be.

    That was OK.

    …but when we got to the hall, we were mostly in the middle of the room and not situated where we could leave without a stir, doubly so because of all the White, but that was OK because we thought we knew some of the folks around us and did not have any reason to WANT to.

    The opening prayer was a nice, ecumenical importuing of the Lord, with all the pastors intoning their part of it, and that was OK.

    Then the drumming started, the African kind you’d hear in jungle movies, and that was odd, but OK, you know, cultural differences and all, but it wasn’t anything you could sing worship songs to.

    Then the Community Activist stood up, and the whole thing became a Fuck Da Police rally, WITH POLICE OFFICERS STANDING ON THE STAGE AFTER JOINING IN THE PRAYER.

    …they just slotted off into space, abandoned the “worship” part of the occasion entirely, and it became a lather of social justice Democrat bromides that we are all too familiar with now, but were still being test driven then. God was left behind, the police were disrespected, and it was becoming clear that White skin was kind of a problem too.

    And the worst part?

    NONE of the OTHER churches spoke up against it. Those other congregations we had worshiped with and THOUGHT we knew, apparently were OK with this. Even some of our own Black members, those who had lived in the community the longest, were nodding in agreement.

    Evidently there are times that skin color supercedes the glorification of the Lord, and this was one of those times.

    Our Pastor wasn’t really up for an anti-police rally that wasn’t crazy about HIS skin color either, so he stood up, and said in a nice way it’s impossible for me to recall or replicate here because I will NEVER be that diplomatic, that we were there for the worship and not for a political meeting, and if that part was done we would have to return to our Church house to further plea to the Lord there.

    It wasn’t a huge stink, the other pastors shook his hand jovially and smiled like it was somehow funny and God Blessed all around, but the part where we filed out between rows of other congregations who were apparently on board with these things and stared at us he led us out was awkward, to say the least.

    Still, we made it back and did pray some more there, this time for our brothers and sisters, and whatever spell had settled on our local members was apparently broken because they seemed to be praying the hardest of all.

    Those churches went on to ardently, and openly, work for Obama in 2012, FWIW, so again, apparently the politics of skin color DOES trump the Word of the Lord in their cases. I was still kinda new to this “faith” thing, so I had to really pray on it hard to not drop back to my own, cynical ways. But I learned something about intersectionality between religion in Black churches and the politics of skin color that I really was not expecting to learn, nor did I WISH to learn, and I had hoped it was just in MY little patch and not really a “thing” nationwide.

    …so imagine my disappointment in the rise of BLM this year, and how many, many churches have gone whole hog for it.

    …or better yet, imagine God’s disappointment.

    …As He made us all, I’m pretty sure He is not thrilled by His children obsessing on flesh tones when they should be worshiping Him.

    But He made those very colors too, maybe it was meant as a test.

    …if so, I would say there are many who are failing it…

  17. I don’t wish these dystopian hellscapes on anyone.

    That said, if people vote in social Marxist then they can’t expect the rest of the nation to rescue them from their stupid decisions. Fix your communities yourself and don’t spread your destructive political philosophy any further.

    The rest of the nation had better take serious the threat poised by social Marxist and keep them from ever gaining control of city government before their beloved neighborhoods suffer the same fate.

    These Marxist utopias can at least serve as a warning to everyone else.

  18. I’m kind of trapped where I am with the move being near impossible. Explaining would make SNS look brief.

    At the moment no current “real need” or jeopardy in our location and unique ability to accept or DENY any who would wish to move into our subdivision. Three in process as I type this. An enclave dating from the late nineteenth century, but only about fifty miles northwest of Shitcago. Still, if I had the financial means and agreement from the boss to make the move I’d do it. Things change, maybe one day she’ll be more willing to consider. Ghost & Company visited briefly so maybe he could comment on location.

    At least the kids have either escaped or have the career viability to call their own shots. Son and his wife both eye docs in WI and daughter going back to school for nurse practitioner so she can go anywhere.

    Been there since 1954 and could actually chamber a round and start hunting stepping out the front door as a kid when we first moved there. Probably not doable now although they do still shoot ducks and geese slightly over a hundred yards from my back sliding glass door.

    I am getting more paranoid/concerned as time passes. Unless you’re blind, deaf and dumb you have to be concerned no matter where you live. If things a few towns away could be facing trouble what’s to prevent it from continuing on to the “Tony” suburbs further out. The feral animals have already learned they can come out using the expressways as the pickings are better further out from the city. Do your business close to those expressways and hop back on to return back to the city. Arteries of commerce as it were. Hold blind am I?

    I never would have thought what happened just over the border in Kenosha could happen. So really is there a “safe” haven? Or am I just not living in the real or current world?

    Wondering how pissed I’ll be with myself hitting “POST COMMENT” now that the edit function is gone?


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