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I Only Knew 5… How About You?

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  1. I thought ‘vagitus’ was when your whoo-hah was sick

    & I’m pretty sure ‘interrobang’ means something different down at the Police Station

  2. Hmm, Then what do they call the hair on one’s tongue?
    asking for a friend 🤡🤔😱🤦‍♂️

  3. Oh, ok, thanks Joe6pak. 👍

    me yelling at my wife:
    it’s not what you thought honey, joe said it’s just pubes, you’ll be fine.

  4. Ten for me, but then I’m an odd word freak.

    Their definition of “wamble” as “rumbling of stomach” is wrong. Instead, it means “a rolling or uneasiness in the stomach; a feeling of nausea.”

    The correct term for rumbling in the stomach or bowels borborygm or borborygmus.

    See?! (← note the interrobang) I am an odd word freak!

  5. And that doesn’t include chasing down spam, and all the various sundries that go along with running this website.
    Thanks for the compliment.

  6. BFH
    Fuck those guys. No loyal reader here bites on that. He should move over to Face Book. That’s where he belongs.

  7. 2

    @Uncle Al – a word for you. It was a ‘Word-A-Day’ calendar and I have not forgotten. It seemed to rate so well to my gubbermint job: stercoraceous

  8. I had 7 that I knew.
    Looks like I have to update my brain bank on obscure, somewhat useless knowledge.
    Some day I am going to be great at conversation starting at parties.

  9. I knew 6, but number 14 is wrong: it is called the philtrum. The columella nasi is the fleshy extension of the septum inside your nose. Just sayin’

  10. Expodental … uhh .. exposen … uhhh ….. expsedixey … uhh …. fkn words! Y’no …… a buncha fkkkne words!

  11. @Eugenia — Stercoraceous is a very handy word these days!

    BTW, stercorean has come to have largely the same meaning and is easier to use in haiku. (-:

  12. Technically, this “?!” is not an interrobang. And interrobang is a single character created by combining those two characters, and most fonts have it: “‽”.

    And for Spanish writers, you have to put an upside-down interrobang (called a “gnaborretni” – I’m not kidding) at the beginning of the sentence.

  13. CrackerFJBbaby:

    “So, is one with a unibrow glabellaless?”

    I’m fairly sure the word for that is “kahlodious.”

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