I saw this on Twitter and I thought it was an exaggerated stat

The claim was that the average IQ of a person living in Somalia, the home of Ilhan Omar, is 68.

I looked it up. YIKES.

People with IQs between 55 and 70 are considered to be “mildly retarded.”

The means the AVERAGE person in Somalia is mildly retarded.


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  1. No wonder the Rangers “killed thousands” of them. Hell, they probably mostly killed each other.

  2. I heard 33% are clinically insane.
    Yea,Yea that’s the ticket,we need more…
    You people with children,grand,great grand Etc.
    better keep constant watch.

  3. We’ve had a huge influx of Somalis and I saw a bunch of them at one of their first visits to a supermarket.

    I felt like one of those deep undercover National Geographic photographers as I watched them pass by a freezer with the motion detector lights coming on.

    What bizarre magic is this?

    Ilhan Omar is barely above a bloodthirsty, tribal savage and communicates slightly above Koko because of the anti-American education she was given here.

    You hear what she says and it sounds like an ungrateful bitch who needs to go back where she came from. The problem is that the same things are coming out of your kids’ mouths too and it’s considered normal.

    Stanford taught Koko sign language and changed how people thought an animal could think. If Koko went to North Dakota State University, she would have run for Congress blaming her diaspora from the Congo on US sanctions.

  4. I knew they couldn’t be too bright when I read several reports of them hunting warthog in the woodlands of New England.

  5. …Democrats know that you need to be retarded, or evil, or both, to vote Democrat, so that’s why they like ’em so much…

  6. In Somalia, if a husband and wife get a divorce, they are still legally brother and sister…..just ask the congresscritter wearing the dishtowel.

  7. It doesn’t surprise me. I’ve seen numerous comments about the African American IQ average of about 77. Further, I’ve seen plenty of evidence to support that number. Jussie Smollett for example.

    So the average AA IQ is about 12 points higher than the Somalian IQ average.

    That probably has something to do with air conditioning or cable TV or something.

  8. Yeah?
    “Mildly retarded” and they’re taking over YOUR fucking country?
    Who’s the coconut-head in this story?

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. The “ranking” is slightly skewed because of all the ties at a given score. Somalia is ranked #38, but there are 161 countries with a higher IQ score. Interesting that Asian countries are the top 6, but Vietnam is way down the list.

  10. ..the effects of inbreeding, or “Consanguinity” (Same Blood), were well-known before today, but right through that stop sign we went, thanks “Obama”…

    Of 11 396 babies for whom questionnaire data were available, 386 (3%) had a congenital anomaly. Rates for congenital anomaly were 305·74 per 10 000 livebirths, compared with a national rate of 165·90 per 10 000. The risk was greater for mothers of Pakistani origin than for those of white British origin (univariate RR 1·96, 95% CI 1·56–2·46). Overall, 2013 (18%) babies were the offspring of first-cousin unions. These babies were mainly of Pakistani origin—1922 (37%) of 5127 babies of Pakistani origin had parents in first-cousin unions. Consanguinity was associated with a doubling of risk for congenital anomaly (multivariate RR 2·19, 95% CI 1·67–2·85); we noted no association with increasing deprivation. 31% of all anomalies in children of Pakistani origin could be attributed to consanguinity. We noted a similar increase in risk for mothers of white British origin older than 34 years (multivariate RR 1·83, 95% CI 1·14–3·00). Maternal education to degree level was protective (0·53, 95% CI 0·38–0·75), irrespective of ethnic origin.
    Consanguinity is a major risk factor for congenital anomaly. The risk remains even after adjustment for deprivation, and accounts for almost a third of anomalies in babies of Pakistani origin. High levels of educational attainment are associated with reduced risk in all ethnic groups. Our findings will be valuable in health promotion and public health, and to those commissioning antenatal, paediatric, and clinical genetic services. Sensitive advice about the risks should be provided to communities at increased risk, and to couples in consanguineous unions, to assist in reproductive decision making.”


  11. …I think the idea among Democrats is to have a stupid, servile population like the one they TRIED to breed before the first Civil War, that they can use their inbred violence and religious fanaticism to destroy US, then use the fact thst, with US out of the way, THEY’RE the smart ones to subdue the moron population and use them for chattel slaves like they had back in the day, so they can then live like medieval overlords with none to oppose them.

    …this ALWAYS seems to be the Democrat plan throughout history, no matter what Democrats call themselves in any given era. Further proof that the Devil is not creative, he just repeats every time he finds a new generation that will listen to him…

  12. Hey now! I am a Mainer! Most of our libtard politicians who have brought the mildly retarded Somalis in here have themselves moved here from out of state.
    Lewiston and parts of Portland and one housing project in South Portland are the Somali enclaves.
    Most of us stay away.
    Remember, Northern Maine voted for Trump.
    Southern Maine, where I live has been invaded by out of staters who love it here so move here and change it. We don’t like it one bit either. Portland is now a dump.

  13. Lets not forget to thank Ted “the red” Kennedy for opening the door with his immigration bill in 1965 so the 3rd world retards only can be welcomed across our borders.

  14. “That probably has something to do with air conditioning or cable TV or something.”

    …no, @old_oaks, it’s President Trump’s fault. Because EVERYTHING is President Trump’s fault.

    …and, racism. EVERYTHING be rayyciss.

    …so if we JUST eradicated white, straight, Christian males from the world, those IQs would jump WAAY up after the oppression is lifted, and it would just be Wakandia from sea to shining sea…/s

    …now, in this Black paradise, where de White women be at? OH, SNAP…

  15. …Somalia wasn’t even a written language until 1973, if that tells you anything….

    “In 1973 Somalia adopted an official orthography based on the Latin alphabet. Until then, Somali had been an unwritten language.”


    …this was during the era of -heh- “Scientific Socialism”…someone should ask that Omar chick how THAT worked out…

    “Between 1969 and the early 1980s, Mohamed Siad Barre’s military government imposed a system of “Scientific Socialism,” which was characterized by the nationalization of banks, insurance firms, oil companies, and large industrial firms; the establishment of state-owned enterprises, farms, and trading companies; and the organizing of state-controlled cooperatives. ”

    …that “Scientific Socialism” thing sounds a bit familiar, nicht wahr? Almost like it’s been propsed recently in THIS country or something…

  16. I’d say it’s a lack of Christian education. Do they still eat white Missionaries? Nuns, Christian Brother, etc?
    Just askin.’

  17. My first thought was inbreeding. And then those Africans who have 14 kids that don’t have schooling. And the older kids are stuck taking care of the others after mom gets killed by dad or another muslim, or dies of hunger and then dad disappears (or dies by hunger, or inter-tribal islamic war) So born with a defect and then added to that by the society around them. They have no chance.

    That being said, NOT OUR PROBLEM.

    We can change an African nation’s financial system, we can kill off their army, we can build their schools, throw the church or temples at them, hospitals, babysit them with our own military, but we are never ever going to change their morality.
    With Immorality + islam there are no ‘nice things’.

  18. “I’d say it’s a lack of Christian education. Do they still eat white Missionaries? Nuns, Christian Brother, etc?”

    …Perhaps they do, but it may just be etymological confusion because of their limited English skills, @Moe tom.

    …After all, the “Christian Brothers” DID call themselves “Friars”…

  19. @Supernightshade: “…I think the idea among Democrats is to have a stupid, servile population …”

    simply stated- they have determined it is less expensive than outright slavery
    that is a cold, brutal reality, but that is the way I consider it

  20. I asked my daughter, who has had to work with Somalis a few times, what she thought their average iq is. She said 60.
    Pretty close.

  21. Any way this ‘quiz’ could be required before;
    ‘I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same: that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.’
    Congressional Oath of Office,,,


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