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I See What They Did There

Since the release of Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) memo, I’ve been asking, “Why Carter Page?” If the intention of the rogue elements in the DOJ and FBI was to spy on Donald Trump and his team, why seek a FISA warrant on a periphery individual like Carter Page? By his own admission Carter Page didn’t even have an office in Trump Tower, but he did dine there often.

The answer lies in the level of FISA warrant they sought and gained. Title I  surveillance is meant to be used on the most dangerous of individuals seeking to harm their nation. By getting a judge to give them a warrant with that level the swampers were given carte blanche to spy on anyone and everyone Carter Page had contact with.  They didn’t have to limit their monitoring to Trump Grill or Trump Café (where Carter occasionally had a meal), they could plant their listening devices all over Trump Tower under Title I.   More

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  1. Can you imagine you attended a fund raiser for a very good cause and donated money. The organizer of the fund raiser sends you an email thanking you for your gift. Little did you know the organizer has a very slight connection to a person who is under surveillance. Under Title I, you are now being watched too. Scary. Thank you, Rep. Nunes.

  2. Exactly, they convinced a judge Page was working for a foreign country so he could be targeted without restrictions including anyone even remotely in his orbit. Dirty lowdown bastards.

  3. Thank God for honest reporters’ desire to inform and educate Americans. It’s so horrible that Nunes or other ‘in the know’ authors have not emphasized this factor. Listening to and reading what has been released or talked about, made me feel, ‘so’, just more box canyon evidence going nowhere.

    Transparency is super, but most Americans need to be educated on these things, because we are not lawyers, politicians, FBI, or NSA, or other entities living, working, or educated in government procedures. Not withstanding the desire of corrupt government’s need to keep America in the dark.

  4. With nine months to keep educating the voters about the political crimes committed by these malefactors, miscreants, traitors, and congenital liars, the Great Unraveling will bring forth a new respect for our Rights that are enshrined in the Constitution. The Democrats are going to regret starting this whole Russian Collusion distraction. I’m convinced that this will prove to be too big to sweep under the Russian Collusion Rug before the mid-term elections. Thank you Carter Page for providing the criminals at the FBI and the DOJ with a phony pretext to overplay their dishonest hands.

  5. organgrinder, the judge had to be in on this from the beginning, or at least sympathetic to Hillary to allow this warrant. No convincing was necessary. If that were the case, any reasonable judge would have said ‘no’.

  6. Because of the wide sweep of Title I FISA the standard of evidence is suppose to be very, very high. That’s what Atkinson points out in her original piece. The swampers never met that standard.

  7. I wonder, Carter Page was only with the Trump team for a short period of time and from what I understand he went to them and volunteered. I wonder if he was “inserted” for this very purpose.

  8. For being the target the rogue elements of the DOJ /FBI, Carter Page sure has been quiet since Nune’s Memo hit last week.

    I’d be on every media outlet possible expressing my outrage at the abuse of my rights.

  9. At a minimum, the Judge that allowed the Title I spying was in on it.
    Likely 3 or all 4 corrupt…the Courts are *almost* more important to “drain” than FBI/DoJ…thankfully, there are enough Good Guys they can go after all of them at the same time.

  10. He was planted in the Trump campaign specifically so the FBI could get the FISA warrant it couldn’t be any more obvious.

  11. Burner….I asked the question in a previous post why the judge isn’t raising hell about this. I think you have the answer.

  12. So, we should begin by hanging the complicit judge(s), then work the crowd from there. Nothing will change if this treason is not dealt with quickly and harshly.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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