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I See You!

Images from:

1) John
2) Doug Wakeman (Dukie) First day in new house. Dukie hiding in inflatable couch.
3) Doug Wakeman (Sneakers) peeking from pillowcase.
4) evil bunny (Fubar) In his Ohio State football bed at the our veterinary clinic.
5) evil bunny (Mimi) in the fruit bowl.
7) Old Guy (Violet) when she was a kitten. She and Verbena still like flipping the toy basket.
8) Old Guy (Violet and Verbena) in their respective felt caves. A wintertime favorite.
9) Jeannine (FeeFee) This is our FeeFee.
10) Jeannine (Jimmy) One of our outdoor puttys.

P.S. Extra submissions for this week will be posted on Dec. 11th.

To submit your critter pictures for a future Sunday Critters, please email them to:



  1. A picture you/family/friend took and agree to publish here. NO images found on the internet.
  2. ‘Critters’ in the subject line.
  3. Your screen name.
  4. Your critter’s name (or species, if not your pet).
  5. Comments about the critter you want to share.

NEEDED: If your picture is for any of the following themes, please name the theme.

  • 12-4, Nom, Nom, Nom – Please have your pictures in to me by FRIDAY at NOON. – Critters eating breakfast. lunch, dinner, snacks, stolen goodies, etc.
  • 12-18, First Day of Winter – Critters playing in the snow, looking out the window at the snowfall, dressed up warm, etc.
  • 12-25, Christmas – Decorations, playing with packages, dressed up, around/under/in the tree! You know…

Thank you to all our terrific contributors!

11 Comments on I See You!

  1. “If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.”

    ― Mark Twain

  2. That’s a fun collection of photos!

    @Old Guy, where did you get those “felt caves” or did you make them? I know people with cats who would love those!

  3. Dear John,
    Sorry for the creepy opening.
    I am at a loss for Words.

    That’s a handsome canine
    I bet he’s quick too
    Fences may not work for that one
    I saw one similar the other day
    He could really run
    Like a Road Runner
    Bet yours can too
    Welcome to the Crew
    Boy are We going to have fun

    Thanks Claudia
    And I’m sorry this is a little late
    Was delayed due to traffic rerouting and detours
    Detoured into a very strange part of town too
    But that’s a different letter

    IOTW Critters and their Owners
    What a Show


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