I should be embarrassed to be white?

2017 the year it became embarrassing to be “white”…especially if from a “white, rural” region of US. – Joyce Carol Oates.

Is this how jerkfaced whites see themselves after they make jerkface anti-white statements?

I think it is, and it’s a not so sophisticated form of racism.


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  1. “Should I be embarrassed to be white?”
    If you ever, in seriousness, ask yourself or anyone else that question, the answer is, yes, you should be embarrassed. And not because of your skin color.

  2. If you think I’m a bad person just because I’m white, then go fuck yourself.

    If you’re white and encourage anti-white racism, then go kill yourself, before the rest of us do it for you. Because you’ve got that coming.

  3. I get up every morning and check my “white privilege”; make sure it is firmly in place, then strap on my .45 and go out to meet the world. Or get the mail. (retirement has its virtues)

  4. The only reason I should be embarrassed to be white is because stupid white people like Joyce Carol Oates, and every other brain dead liberal make the rest of our race look bad.

    Kinda like the idiots at Ben and Jerry’s. Get a load of this crap. http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2017/11/13/did-ben-and-jerry-s-call-everyone-racist-with-implicit-bias-accusations.html

    Never bought their crap ice cream and never will. Never gonna buy their Left Wing ideology either.

  5. The people who should be embarrassed about their race are black. There’s is a dysfunctional criminal murder machine and yet they do no self policing or purging of their population. They are uncooperative with law enforcement.

    Mind you, it’s not all blacks, but far too many.

  6. All done in Jealousy , white’s been at the Top of the food chain for years and they want it, problem is it takes a whole lotta Brains to get or stay on Top !!!
    Good luck !

  7. @plantsman is exactly correct. Don’t believe it?
    How long has it taken for Blacks to fuck up the NFL? It took decades to build it and less than two years to crater it. Mini Zimbabwe.

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