I Think I Definitely Want To Listen To Trump For 4 Years

Trump is becoming hilarious, but in a good way.

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  1. I’m thinking of making a DVD of ‘Trump Talks’ for my own enjoyment.
    I could not believe it when he went after ‘Huma’ and her husband ‘The Perv’

  2. Someone needs to juxtapose Trump owning the room against the ping pong teleprompter king. Obama is better than melatonin.

  3. The Donald is having the time of his life. I bet he goes home and just laughs at how much fun and how much publicity is is getting on this. I love it!

  4. Glad I saw this. I was getting depressed listening to Michael Medved doing his best to down Trump via the poll that asked people to describe the candidates with one word that comes to mind.

  5. This guys the real deal. He could very well be the savior of this country. I hope he’s beefing up his security detail. He’s pissing off all the right people.

  6. Sorry but I’m dismayed at Trump’s current popularity. Trump is like the smart alec kid in grade school who mouths of enough to the teacher to piss off the teacher and make the other kids giggle and snicker but not enough to get sent to the principals office. Trump is possibly more of a narcissist than Obama.

  7. Loco, the dems are just getting started. Big article on MSNBC about how Trump’s rhetoric may be harming foreign policy with China and foreign countries.
    Removal of the candidate at all costs.

  8. @PlainJane Ignore Medved and his condescending opinions. I finally gave up on him this week. It’s a Trump or Cruz bashfest for 3 hours. I only heard him today because it was Ben Shapiro’s last radio show. šŸ™

  9. Medved has sounded particularly whiny these past few weeks. I quit listening. Agree with Trump or not, he’s riffing on Weiner likes he’s Seinfeld or something! He’s got great timing.

  10. I find the Donald very easy to listen to.

    Lighting a fire under Hillary’s butt is also entertaining.

    And, we are finally getting so real commentary… bing bing bing !

  11. ” Bing, Bing, Bing, I love you!”
    I don’t know if I laughed harder at the above or:
    “you wouldn’t but you love your husband. You will”
    great morning fun.

  12. Mr. _Brad- I am hopeful, as well. I still view him with a bit of skepticism, though. Same attitude as answering the doorbell with your free hand on the pistol that’s in your pocket.

  13. He is arrogant. Some people have a right to be. On the opposite end of the spectrum is people with low self-esteem. Like some wag said… “Most people with low self-esteem deserve it.”

  14. Yep. Dear Soop caught the LaRaza Flu
    when Trump said his peace on
    the illegals from Mexico early on.

  15. It’s a name that would get her stoned to death in Saudi Arabia.

    Is anything in the Clinton Universe is believable.

    What’s the not so nice daughter of two Muslim Brother supporters doing marrying a Jew? Anthony won’t be invited to any extended family reunions, and she be honor killed if she went. This leads me to believe the whole marriage is a sham, and thus Anthony advertising his schwanz on the internet.

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