I Think It’s Time: Message To The Lemming Mask Brigade

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  1. Yeah, That’s the ticket! The Oregon State agency I work for has gone Full Lemming. And they expect a marine biologist to just blindly follow? Good Grief . . . .
    Two analogies stolen from the intertubes: I’m building a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes, and if a fart can escape a pair of underwear and blue jeans, how can a cloth mask stop a virus? Alyssa Milano be Damned!

  2. We are in Clearwater Beach and the masses are maskless! It’s glorious!! The police are somewhat trying to enforce socialist distancing and the restaurant workers are somewhat complying, but mostly people are just acting normal. What a relief. OPEN THE COUNTRY NOW!!!

  3. Picking up on what Rush said Wednesday about a “2nd Wave”: CCP propaganda. Yeah, it is. Western media sucks it up with a big straw, pearls in one hand while flouncing on a daybed or top bunk.

  4. Masks? I’ve seen 2 people in my county wearing masks. Travel bans? My cousin is visiting from out of state. The highway has been filled with roaring motorcycles. FREEEEEEDOM!

  5. A second wave wouldn’t surprise me, it would be the result of suppressing the first wave and leaving the mass of people with no minor exposures that result in immunity and keep them from getting sick.

    That’s one of the covert purposes behind the shutdown and isolation stuff.

  6. My wife works at a mall department store, they opened up last week. Had to wear a mask, that is till she passed out, fell down busted up her elbow & hip. I’ll let you know the new name of the store when the lawsuit is done.

  7. If you have a problem figuring out if you’re for or against masks, then you ain’t a lemming.

  8. Three beeps:
    “This is a test of the Deep State population control system.
    Had this been a full takeover of all rights and liberties this message would have been followed by instructions on where to turn in your firearms and report for work assignments.
    Repeat This is only a Test”

  9. Joey – I get what you mean but it’s not quite clear – I have no problem figuring out whether I am for or against masks – I’m against – and I am most definitely not a lemming.

  10. I live on the bay by one of the most popular week end vacation destinations in the state, and it was a sport halibut opener to boot, and the Memorial day weekend as well, and Real Oregonians did what they do! Kate Brown is an asshole. (And she had LaVoy Finicum killed by the OSP). She doesn’t give a shit what real Oregonians do. But her voter base is a bunch of freaks from Portlandia and Eugene. So, screw all us folks from the 95% of the rest of the state. My sister can’t even get out of her car in a Costco parking lot in Multnomah county without getting screamed at for NOT wearing a mask. Total Farking insanity.

  11. I might be required to wear a mask when I go back to work. Good thing I LOVE THE HELL outta my job and it’s outside so I’ll mostly be wearing it down around my neck. Anywhere else though? You leftards can wipe my ass with your gay mask. LOL!

  12. My Covid19 worried wife and I are heading to Yosemite for a couple days next week, if it is open.
    She mentioned masks.
    I looked at her like she was crazy, and I replied I am not wearing a mask in freaking Yosemite.
    Why would I since I won’t wear one anywhere else.
    She’s a good woman. We’ve been together since 1974.
    But I ain’t wearing no face diaper.

  13. Masks are a pro-active self protection that costs about 2$ in normal times. If more people in the at-risk category had used them during March, the fear mongering would not have gained such traction.

    The lying MSM first propagandized us with ” masks no good unless you’re a pro” – to avoid embarrassing our ahole ruling class which outsourced the production. That became clear at the end of April, when the “experts” began admitting that masks help a lot, as shown by Asian countries that had much less deaths due to the virus.

    Masks tested at .3 micron means that they are tested at the particle size HARDEST to filter out. Smaller particles are stopped BETTER by the electrostatic effect built into the paper.

  14. I have to wear a mask at work. At first I refused to wear it above the nose and was eventually reprimanded. I will not wear one anywhere else. This means not frequenting establishments that require their customers to wear a mask. I can probably stick to my principles on that, with one exception – I’m a die-hard Costco shopper. I’m still working on that.

  15. And tomorrow I may flunk chemobecause Iwill possibly get kicked out of the chemo shop. Did it maskless for the first 5 three day rounds. All of a sudden they are enforcing masks. They said I could just wear a scarf when I brought up the ADA and asked how they will care for me if I HYPERVENTILATE or PASS OUT, and could take it off once I was out of the common waiting area.

  16. @PJ: I’m in FL. When I do my infusion I get ‘temperatured’ at the entrance and given a mask. Once I’m accessed and seated I take it off since the RNs & onco staff are masked. Nobody said a thing.

  17. When the mask wearers tell me that they’re wearing a mask for my protection, I tell them not to worry about me. Then to see heads explode I add that stupidity is only contagious to progressives.

  18. Several shops have “Masks required to shop here” in Big D.

    Haven’t put one on yet for them. Haven’t been kicked out.

    The last one was SAS shoes. I walked in and it was just the salesman and myself in the store.

    Me right after I read the sign on the door and not wearing a mask: You don’t have to wear that for my sake.

    Him: (slips mask down below nose but doesn’t take it all the way off.)

    We had some good conversation and I got my shoes. He never once said I should be wearing one also.

    He likes working, so he wears it. I didn’t give him a hard time, either.

    The customers of mine that have revealed themselves to be panicked mis-informed Betas are another thing.

  19. Just spent a month down going through a triple bypass, the whole time being asked the same question?
    Do you feel short of breath?
    No Shit,,, now take this mask off me!!!

  20. Idiots who run my office building now have a one person elevator policy. They also have a newly-installed hand sanitizer dispenser in the elevator. I guess the one outside the elevator wasn’t quite enough…

  21. Eat drink and be merry for all are to die from the little Chi Com bug! No one shall escape its evil sting! Eight billion+ will go the way of the mighty dinosaur and the world will be none the wiser or poorer! Be warned!

  22. Almost no “lemmings” in Cerritos! Most have been out + abut forever. Almost no Freetos Banditos ever! I have 1st hand knowledge; walk my bird dog 3 – 4 miles every day!

  23. @ stirrin the pot MAY 25, 2020 AT 2:38 PM

    I walked into the Wenatchee Costco last Thursday w/o any mask, showed my Costco card, did my shopping, paid my bill, bought two hotdogs for the kids and left w/o anybody giving me any shit. The one person who asked me why I didn’t have a mask on was told that I am not going to humiliate myself and it is the responsibility of those who are among any vulnerable populations to take precautions to protect themselves from exposure to the virus.

  24. My Dad told me that he and my sister actually went in the Waffle House and sat down and ate yesterday!


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