I think the Pope may get trolled for this one

The Pope urges followers to give up social media trolling for Lent.

With Catholics across the globe getting ready to give up indulgences like chocolate for Lent, the Pope has urged followers to be kinder online.

Addressing tens of thousands of worshippers in St Peter’s Square in Rome on Ash Wednesday, Pope Francis said there was too much “verbal violence” that was “amplified by the internet”.

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  1. …I gave up the Pope for Lent, many years ago.

    …Vatican II will do that to a guy, but the one they have NOW is WAY worse…

  2. It’s that time of the year once again when the Catholic Church once again becomes Our Lady Of Perpetual Responsibility. My kids when they went to the Catholic school back in the 90’s and across the street from my house called Ash Wednesday Dirty Head Wednesday and it’s been called that for over 20 + years now.

  3. Il Papa Francis the Talking Ass can go … uhh … fornicate himself.

    Does this fraud ever get around to anything even remotely connected to Christ?

    Yo! Frankie! There’s this book, see? It’s called “The Book” as a matter of fact. You may want to check it out – either get your boys to read it to you or read it yourself! It’s full up of lessons on life, man’s relationship with God, history, and a bunch of other stuff. If you don’t read Greek or Hebrew, it’s available in Spanish (and even Engrish).

    Give it a shot! Quit obsessing over things temporal: We have enough nihilists and existentialists pursuing power politics – and we don’t need another.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Not Catholic, but went to Catholic school yeeeeaaaars ago and I don’t recall Lent being so ‘New Year’s resolution’ as it is today.
    No meat on Fridays, and prayer.
    Not, ‘I’m gonna stop shopping for shoes’ or ‘No desserts for me!’.

  5. From Clarice Feldman on Facebook….

    I have decided to give up self-denial for Lent
    7:19 PM · Feb 26, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
    David Burge
    Replying to
    Let’s face it, abstention and self-denial are prideful, and pride is one of the 7 deadly sins. Not today, Satan!
    David Burge
    “Ooh, look at me everybody, I’m giving up smoking and drinking for Lent”
    Good for you, Narcissus, enjoy your eternity in the flaming pits of Vanity Hell

  6. Not as bad as muzloids during ramadamadingdong where they starve themselves during the day, then eat themselves into a stupor at night.
    (Picture the snake that ate the whole goat!)
    Do that for a month and see if yer not all pissed off too!!

  7. We just finished Mardi Gras Parade season down here in New Orleans.

    Ya wanna know how they pick the date for Mardi Gras?

    It’s based on if Pope Frank sees his shadow on Christmas day. True story!

  8. This Bergoglio crackpot is not The Pope. He has absolutely no legitimacy. He isn’t even Catholic, he is what is known as a nominal Catholic. More or less just another leftist politician. He uses faux Catholicism to advance a political agenda.

  9. I’ve been doing a little outreach this year by teaching my Jewish friends how to make the sign of the cross in terms they can remember:

    Watch -> Wallet

  10. Pope John Paul 2, AKA the Super Pope AKA SAINT JOHN PAUL told us all years ago to help people for Lent.

    Don’t give up stoopid ish’. Don’t be a drama queen. Just shut up and help people.

    Seems pretty Punk Rock.

  11. I’m not catholic- I’m non denominational Christian.
    And for the first time in my 27 years I’m going to be practicing lent (by giving up chocolate, twitter, and video games past midnight) for the entirety of it.

    Hopefully I will use this free time to become closer with God.


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