I think this is a wonderful homework assignment

My “submission” (so to speak) would simply be this-

“Mom, Dad, convert to Islam or I will behead you.”

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  1. Well, that assignment just says to “write about converting”. So that would be easy. Simply point out that converting to Islam means joining a misogynistic, homophobic, pedophilic, barbaric, bestiality-practicing, intolerant, murderous, uncivilized, unsanitary tribe of totalitarian theocratic plunderers with severe cognitive, ethical, and moral limitations.

  2. Honor killing is legal, isn’t it? Because I don’t like my sister, and the fact that she wears red lipstick and tight jeans and hangs around with boys should be excuse enough, right? Honolulu snackbar everybody, and can I have her room?

    Even though you convert to the True Faith – I KIIIIILLLLLLL you heathen Nazarene!

    The goat – he speaks to me of Allah’s wishes – he commands me in the name of the Profit – he entices me with much goodness of sex – and he tells me to KIIIIILLLLLLL you!

  4. Being a girl, I would not be allowed an education or to voice my opinion in the Islamic world. Therefore, I am excused from the homework assignment.

  5. Dear Mom and Dad–I have converted to *&%$@–you might want to warn Larry/Linda and have him/her move on out of the house. I’d also might want to hide all the knives. You have been warned.

  6. Dad, my teacher has issued a Fatwa for our class to convert to Islam. Rather than having my head chopped off for refusal to convert, I have converted. The call of Jihad fills my blood and I must have a one-way plane ticket to the Holy Land so I can fight along side my brothers in arms against the unholy Zionists that occupy our lands.

    Mom and sis, get those burkas on right now before I teach you a lesson that you will never forget. If I catch sis outside of the house again without a burka and talking a boy without Dad or me present, I will cleanse that which has dishonored our family.

    Allah Akbar!

  7. Rush had a 12 year-old caller on yesterday. She was praising his books because they’re the only way she’s learning about American history. In the 7th grade, all she’s been taught is related to Muslim and African history.


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