I thought Dems were against ageism


Hey, remember when Democrats pretended to thing “ageism” was a bad thing?  Yeah, not any more.  – San Fran Nan, the 78 year-old leader of the Democrat minority in the U.S. House of Representatives, finds herself increasingly under bigoted attack over her advanced age from her opposition these days.  The hilarious thing about it, though, is that Ms. Pelosi’s “opposition” these days comes not from any right-wing forces, but from her fellow Democrats in the House.

Turns out the youngsters in the Democrat caucus are growing more than a tad frustrated over the lock on power exercised for more than a decade now by Pelosi and her fellow House Democrat leaders, Stenny Hoyer and James Clyburn, both of whom are also well into their late ’70s.  The latest dig at the Party’s retirement home leadership came on Wednesday from 50 year-old California Rep. Linda Sanchez, who was quoted as saying she wants to be part of a transition to a new set of Party leaders.

“I think it’s time for that generational change,” Sanchez told reporters Wednesday. “I want to be part of that transition, because I don’t intend to stay in Congress until I’m in my 70s.”  Yikes.  more here

10 Comments on I thought Dems were against ageism

  1. Hypocrisy means never having to say you’re sorry.

    It’s ray-cyst (or sexist or something) to remember what the hypocrite propounded earlier.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Their “rules” are like their “genders”—-totally fluid. They are changeable to suit their whims.

  3. Time to re-test her.
    Force her to run 10 blocks in San Fransisco to see how many poop piles she can avoid.
    If she can manage to dodge all the shit, she’s still a democRAT in good standing!

  4. Poor nan has deteriorated to the point that she is not much more coherent than mad max. In a way it’s a shame that she go out this way, however she sat and watched while the radical socialist faction pirated the democrat party and she did nothing to stop it.

  5. Lice, Cisco Kid…you mean LICE! It’s SF, after all!

    [insert ‘flied lice’ joke here]

  6. Pelosi just said the tax cut would add ‘2 children dollars more’ to the deficit. This woman is going to get re-elected in November. What other employment could you have and continue if you were presenting significant signs of dementia?!


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