“I thought the b***h was white!”

Roseanne on Valerie Jarrett.

12 Comments on “I thought the b***h was white!”

  1. I thought she was Iranian. Maybe it’s that she was so willing to give them anything they wanted.

  2. Valerie Jarrett is a pistachio. White on the outside, Iranian on the inside and a nut through and through.

  3. ValJar said in 1977 at Princeton that she
    would use our laws against us to make America
    MUSLIM ! I would like to see her in Gitmo
    more than Hilldabeast.

  4. Just 22,000 subscribers?
    That’s MY kind of channel!
    Versus, what, CNN, with 4.2 million subscribers?
    4.2 million subscribers and the average viewership is 400k per video.
    Wow, the engagement!
    No, really, the engagement is a Trump derangement echo chamber.
    Read the comments.
    3,000 acronyms for what MAGA “really” means.
    “CNN is REAL news!”

    Then some comments say, “you Trumptards need some new material,” when 99% of their comments are a play on what the right has coined since the election.

    Someone was actually calling conservatives snowflakes.. Really?

    Owww. Hit me where it hurts, soy boys.
    No wonder they want to chop theirs off.
    Bunch of faggots.

    Someone please shoot me like a wounded animal if I ever stand up for the likes of Brian Stelter, the poster boy faggot of fake news media.

  5. This reaction would have been a lot more effective immediately after said infraction instead of trying to apologize and placate the leftist nuts that are never satisfied until they have your head on a stick.


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