I tried to debate a campus socialist. He told me to ‘F*** off.’

College Fix: BOULDER, Colo. — When I walked up to a student promoting socialism on campus recently in an attempt to organize a debate, I imagined it going a lot of ways.

Maybe he’d ask for an email with more information, maybe he’d politely decline, maybe we might get into a little debate right then and there.

But one thing I honestly did not expect was for him to launch into a vulgar, angry tirade, yelling at me and my two peers to “f#ck off” and “get the f#ck out of here!”

Yep, that really happened. Here’s the full story.

8 Comments on I tried to debate a campus socialist. He told me to ‘F*** off.’

  1. Yep. Totalitarian types know they can’t win in an open debate in the marketplace of ideas, so they resort to attacks. How adult of them (/sarc)

  2. >>>I was honestly in shock that a fellow peer had the audacity to speak to us in this manner just because we have different values than him. I find it funny that the socialists preach for pure equality of the people, but he refused to speak to us with respect and treat us as equals.<<< I had a hamster that smelled of elderberry who spoke to me in this childish manner

  3. Socialists are not about adult or about debate. They are all about dominance, and only dominance. They will have Socialism come hell or high water, and in that order.

  4. And that’s the way socialists govern too. Because politically what they actually stand for isn’t universal healthcare or even free stuff in general or any of that. What they believe in politically is they tell everybody else what’s right and wrong and what to do. That’s it. It’s that simple and that corrupt. That’s the alpha and the omega of their politics. And if you don’t like it you’re toast.

  5. I read some of the comments at the source link for this article. They’re saying that immigrants in europe, and here, are good for the economy, as they will pay taxes. Yeah, sure. So the first thing they do is give the illegals hard earned tax payer’s money, and for doing nothing, other than illegally entering our country. That is how the training begins.
    If illegals are to be given anything, and certainly not money or tax supported services, they should only ever be given a wind up alarm cock, so they can get up in the morning and work. But, I don’t think they should be given anything but a boot.
    Oh, and to stay on topic- I went to CU and fled there in the late 70’s. Socialists are idiots, and I understand why they won’t debate or talk about it, other than to sympathetic ears.

  6. When encountering a Socialist start with a f**k off! You’re beating them at their own game and you’re being honest in your opinion of them.


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